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Tips to Solve Relationship Problems

September 15, 2012

1)      Take a note of the other person’s moral values:

You should observe people or even ask questions to know their values and to have a complete understanding of their attitude as well as behavior. Misunderstandings happen when your values and understanding conflict with those of the other. You can also tell the other person about your values and your way of looking at life so that you can get acquainted with each other and thus there isn’t any undue expectation from one by the other.

2)      Show kindness, care and affection for the other:

You can make others feel your warmth by showing your kindness to them. Do show them that you care a lot for them and thus they mean a lot to you. Try to help them in any way if possible. Do throw some nice words saying that you will always be there beside them. Remember to speak up with a little emotion. Words without emotions are similar to a tree without leaves.

3)      Avoid petty arguments:

For a great relationship you should try to avoid petty and silly arguments as much as possible. These arguments spoil the mood of a person. You should try your level best not to show your ego and pride and you should learn to compromise. In case you fail to arrive at a suitable consensus, take a step back and analyze whose fault it was and also think of steps to be taken so that this doesn’t get repeated again.

4)      Develop trust:

You should try your best to trust the other person as well as to imbibe trust in them. This can be done by always being loyal to them. You should avoid telling any kind of lies and should try to keep your promises always.

5)      Learn to share your emotions and feelings:

Sharing your emotions and feelings helps you to get close to the other person’s heart. The other one will feel grateful of the fact that you are sharing your problems with them and will certainly try to help you out. Similarly when the other one is facing some trouble, you should try your level best to solve their problems.

6)      Try to be patient:

If you listen to what the other is saying, you show that you are giving the other person all your attention. This shows that you are giving the other person some respect and thus will give you importance in return. You should try to hold your nerves in case you enter into a duel with the other and try to solve the problem instead of fighting for it. This may lead to a more balanced and peaceful relationship.

7)      Share:

You can improve your relationship with the other by sharing stuffs that the other will like. This can be materialistic things like gifts, cards etc or priceless things such as your time and love. Doing good thing for others doesn’t invite any kind of resentments and thus leads to a very healthy and strong relationship.

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