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What to Do When You Have Cheated In a Relationship

September 13, 2012

Although cheating in any relationship is not at all recommended, sometimes it may so happen that people tend to go out of their relationships and become wayward. Cheating cannot be exactly said to be falling out of love with the first person, it only means that the person who has cheated has taken the first person for granted. The person who has cheated may not be at all willing to leave the first person out of their life because of the obvious importance that they may have in their lives. But at the same time, it can be said that a number of people fall out of love with a person when they cheat upon them to go out with someone else. The people who cheat do not have the guts to tell the other person, and they feel guilty, and hence they cheat.

In case you belong to the former category, where you have ‘accidentally’ cheated on your partner but do not want to break up or separate from them, then we have some advice for you. We understand that the in the phase where you cheated, you did not have control over yourself and if you were to go back in time, you would certainly never do the same mistake again. You deeply regret ever doing such an act, and do not understand what was it that guided you to behave in a way that you did. While solving these emotional dilemmas is dependent on you, we have a number of practical tips in order to ensure that your original relationship is in track.

  • Firstly, you weigh the various options and try to guess whether he will ever come to know of it from any other source. If the answer is yes, then you should talk to him first and tell him all about it. This will cause huge trauma and stress, but it is necessary. It is better that he hears it from you than any other person. If your partner does not have the means to know, then you need not tell him. While that would involve a lot of guilt, it is in the best interest of the relationship itself. Trust is like a piece of glass, and once it breaks, it can be glued together, but can never be the same again.
  • Secondly, it is time for some introspection. Ask yourself why you cheated on that person, and whether you are still in love with your partner. Be a little hard on yourself, because you deserve it very much. It is important to regret what you did, and if you find yourself not regretting your actions, then you are not worthy of your partner.
  • Thirdly, you must compensate for whatever you have done, no matter what it takes. Even if your partner does not know, you should try to give them that extra amount of love that they so deserve. You should go out of your way to do nice things for them. Also, this will help in bridging any gaps that may have created which made you cheat in the first place.

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