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How to End a Short Term Relationship

September 13, 2012

If you are giving a look at this article you must be one among those who have begun a relationship but don’t have any idea to which direction your relationship is heading to. This can happen due to various reasons like:

1)      Your relationship lacks a bit of chemistry or mutual connection.

2)      Your partner does not live up to your expectations.

3)      You two don’t have much compatibility.

4)      There are certain doubts in your mind regarding your partner.

If the reason is one among these you need not worry. Things like this happen very often and it is absolutely normal to happen it with you too. Certain steps need to be followed in order to settle things amicably and sort things out.   Here are a few steps that should be followed:

1)      Get it sorted out:

You should pay attention to your feelings, as to why you started this relationship. The reasons may be infatuation, lust, physical attraction; nice moments spent with each other or under pressure from others or simply love at first sight. You should try your level best to keep it simple and should not complicate it.

2)      Determine whether you are happy with this relationship or not:

The next step is to determine whether you are happy with your partner or not. Initially it may seem a bit awkward to ponder over this question. After a few weeks have gone by you should be able to determine at what position you are in and the exact reason behind you not being happy with this relationship.

3)      Determine whether you should break up or pursue this relationship:

You should clearly have it in your mind whether you are going to break up with your partner or you accept him or bring about some changes to your partner and relationship and should continue with your relationship. This completely depends on your conscience. Take a firm stance. It would be very stupid on your part to break up first and then beg in front of your partner for a start over.

4)      Try to analyze what caused this sudden change in emotions:

You should have a valid reason as to why you want to break up with your partner. Make sure that the reason is legit, if it is not it will certainly affect your peace of mind in the future. There may be enough reasons to break up but you should also try to realize that no one is perfect in this world.

5)      Trust yourself and your feelings:

You should completely trust yourself and your feelings. You should have it in your mind that whatever you are doing is right.

6)      End it:

You should be firm and straight forward with your approach. You should try to explain things to your partner as to why you are breaking up. Make sure you take it slowly so that your partner doesn’t get too shocked on hearing the news. Do not give lame excuses and tell the truth only.

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