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How to Control Your Relationship

September 12, 2012

In a relationship, just like in the world, no two persons are same. Hence, there are bound to arise differences between the partners. A relationship certainly introduces us to a wonderful world, and makes life truly special. But these differences need to be taken care of in order to continue enjoying a relationship, and staying happy. There are natural tendencies on the part of a lot of people in the world to be more dominating and less understanding. Hence, since we decide upon our partners and our partners may have a thousand good qualities, it is important to either rectify or adjust with the bad qualities as well.

When a person is dominating in a relationship, he or she dictates proceedings and decides all matters by themselves only. This starts off as an honest and loving compromise by the other party, and in the end turns into a complete domination where in the end the other person is obliged to follow what the other decides. If the other person decides to go against it, he faces the wrath of the person in terms of blackmail and other things. The person dominating the relationship develops a sense that he is doing a favour to the other party by being in a relationship and the other party does all this to save a relationship. Such a relationship should never be encouraged and both the parties have the same amount of rights in a relationship. Both parties should amicably settle and decide matters. So what does such a dominated person do?

  • The first step in this is to realize matters for yourself. One should realize that they also have an equal stake and equal say in the relationship and hence, they should be treated fairly. A relationship comprises of two people and both people are equally important, and one should not be dominated by the other party.
  • The second step would be to talk things out. It is important to sit the other person down and tell them what problems you are facing. In a lot of cases, it may happen that the other person is dominating the relationship out of his natural instincts and does not realize that until a late stage. It may so happen that the person would immediately end his dominance when they know that such dominance is hurting the other party. Hence this step is very useful.
  • If the person is still adamant, then it is important to point out that both people have an equal say in the relationship and hence you are under no obligation to listen to whatever they say. If you love them, then they love you too, and they should also learn to adjust according to your needs.
  • The last resort would be to not do what they are asking you to do. This can lead to two things. Either the person will learn and mend his ways, which is in the best interest. Or, the person might opt out of the relationship, and you should be happy that you got out of the relationship. This is because that kind of dominance never takes place in a relationship and there would be many people out in the world who would treat you much better.

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