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How to Build Trust in a Relationship

September 12, 2012

An effective relationship requires trust as much as a fish requires water to breathe in. Building trust in a relationship can be very difficult for both the partners in the beginning and once the trust is earned, one should learn to maintain the trust and never try to break it.  Relationships simply do not work without trust. A relationship sans trust can be very stressful and will affect your life both personally and professionally.

Trust depends on a number of factors. It gives a sort of assurance to one that his/her partner won’t tell lies to them or won’t try to cheat on them.

The following points will make you build trust in your relationship and thus will make your relationship a lot healthier and will last longer.

1)      Be your own self:

The initial steps in a relationship are generally very steep and thus a lot has to be done to improve the situation and lay a strong foundation for your relationship. For this you have to be your own self, you don’t need to pretend that you are perfect or anyone else. Your partner will be in love with you anyways.

2)      Be Predictable:

Being predictable certainly enhances your relationship and makes a relationship healthier. You may surprise her with some gifts from time to time but stability and uniformity are the two most important elements for a successful relationship and you should try to build your relationship based on these elements. Predictability certainly adds much trust to your relationship and is thus very helpful in the long run.

3)      Mean what you say:

You shouldn’t fake in your approach and should try to clarify if there is any sort of doubts in your partner’s mind. It would be very bad and fatal for your relationship if your partner finds out your lie later. You should use your words with brevity and shouldn’t use words that may hurt her. All that is required is patience.

4)      Try to expand your relationship:

A relationship faces some good times as well as bad. You have to count on these times and continuously try to expand your relationship. You must be able to stand by her side during turbulent times and should comfort and console her anytime. You should protect her in day to day life and a complement time and again would enhance your relationship and would certainly increase the level of trust in your relationship.

5)      Share your desires with each other:

You should be able to share and discuss your expectations and desires from your partner and you shouldn’t hide anything from your partner. This will make things simpler and can help your partner to know you better.

6)      Trust your partner:

If you want your trust to be reciprocated, you have to trust your partner in return. Trust essentially requires two people involved. You shouldn’t try to spy on or check them out too often. You should believe in your partner and remove all kinds of doubts in your mind.

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