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Work or love?

September 11, 2012

In this world, it is very important to earn money so that we can sustain ourselves and get all our needs and desires. It is also equally important to be with a person who makes us happy, and spend time with them. The ultimate aim of life is to be happy, and both money and love can give us happiness. There are a number of people who have faced the dilemma of whether to go for love or for money. Well, what we believe is that man, being a social animal, needs someone who would stay with them and provide them with emotional support. No person can be happy with money alone, without a person who truly loves them and treats them as special. Neither is it practical to only go for love and leave your career aspects go downward. Hence, it is necessary to strike a balance between the two.

How do you strike a balance?

You cannot possibly plan out your entire life in by dividing phases where you earn money and where you fall in love. The reason for this is simple: love does not come to you by date or time. A truly special person, who makes you feel out of the world, may just enter your world at a point of time when you hadn’t planned for. But that does not mean that you can let her go. This is simply because your Miss Perfect won’t come to you all the time. They are a rarity, and you must keep them when they come. If you let them go when they come, then you might have to spend your life waiting for another one. Hence, it is not really a practical option to plan out the fine details.

What can you do in such situations?

While it is impractical to plan out, you can do other things. You can set your priorities in life. You should always be open for both things: opportunities in life to improve your work life, and opportunities to get into a relationship. Whenever an opportunity comes, you should be ready to welcome it with arms wide open. You should choose whatever is more important at the moment, and hope the rest works out well. But you must choose wisely. It would be highly foolish if your wife or girlfriend is really ill, and you have a business appointment which you do not miss. You need to stay back to take care for your spouse, because at that point of time that is the more important thing. But suppose, there is a huge business commitment you need to fulfil, and at the same time you had promised your wife for dinner. At that time, you need to go for the business commitment and talk to your wife regarding this and make her understand. It is important for her to understand that the money you earn is for the both of you, and hence while you can go for the dinner on a later date, the business appointment may not come again. It is important to be honest and tell them everything, and hope that everything works out well.

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