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Family vs. Love

September 10, 2012

There are a number of times when you have to choose between things relating to the family, or your love life. There are certain moral considerations that come in. A person may be torn between the family and the love life. In cases, the family and the lover would be both very demanding, and there might arise a number of problems. In other cases, both of them might try to impose their beliefs on the person, and want them to act a particular way. A person is usually in love with his family as well as his lover, and it often becomes a difficult decision to choose between them. Often they become possessive, and a mutual dislike develops between the family and the lover.

What does one do in such situations?

The first thing is to keep calm and be realistic. One might easily get angry and do things that one may regret later. Hence, one should think over things with a calm mind. A solution is never to leave one party for the other; at least this is what the person should believe. The best solution is to avoid any altercation, or discussion about the matter with both parties for quite a while. One should do work hard to keep both parties happy, and when one person is a little more demanding, one should point that out. After that one can slowly and steadily start discussing the topic. One has to make both parties understand that they are certainly a very important part of their lives. While a lover is important in our lives, and we may be planning our future with them, our parents are important as well and we owe an obligation to them for what they have done for us.

The solution that would keep us most happy is a compromise or a settlement between the other two parties. It is necessary to tell them that they are certainly important, and they wouldn’t lose their importance in your lives, but there are other people who also mean quite a lot. The best example to give them is of their own. You can tell your parents about their parents, and each other, and how much all that means to them. And you can tell your lover about their parents, and how you cannot live without them. Hence, through this, you can make them understand your position on the matter, and make it clear that both parties are important. This will erase any insecurity on the part of the parties.

The other thing one can do is to clear any misunderstandings between the parties. A misunderstanding may be a reason for much hatred and dislike between the parties and once it is cleared, things will get better. If you can get them around to being with each other more often, then they will certainly start liking each other after a few days once they get to know each other better. They will start accepting each other, and a feeling of togetherness grows.

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