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How to go from Dating to being Friends again

September 8, 2012

A stranger becomes a friend first after you meeting them. When things progress between both of you, you become good friends and it may so happen that you both develop feelings for each other. You then date with the other and find out more about them. Sometimes this clicks and you enter into a relationship with the other while sometimes things don’t work out as they were supposed to or there exists a difference of compatibility.

Does that mean you lose that person from your life forever? It may seem so and to be frank it is very uncomfortable to be amiable with that person once again. But remember, your friendship was very strong before and you can count on that to bring you and your friend back to normal again.

The following steps should be followed to bring both of you back to “The Friend Zone”.

1)      Reduce or minimize contact:

After a break up or a sudden turnaround of events it is not necessary to stop talking with the other completely, yes it may hurt for a while but things would get much better if you try to share your feelings with the other and console the other. Completely ignoring the other will harm you as well as the other. So, create some space and time so that you both can heal as soon as possible.

2)      Put away the items gifted to you by your partner:

You can do yourself a favor in this regard by returning or throwing all the gifts given by your ex. If it is not possible, think of getting gifted by a good friend of yours. You should also spend some time with your family and friends and try to overcome the situation. If you are sure that you want to continue your friendship with the other one then you should re-establish contact, else it is better to avoid that person as much as possible.

3)      Discuss how much time you should spend with each other:

This is a very important factor in determining your relations with the other in the future. You should decide the time to be spent with the other so that your friendship doesn’t get hampered as well as you don’t feel awkward spend so much time with your ex date. Make it sure that the complicacies between both of you doesn’t affect your social life as well as your professional life.

4)      Try to date someone else:

You can date someone else to let go of any feelings you have of that person and can be in good terms with that person again. Make it sure that you discuss this with the other coz if he/she finds out from someone else that would definitely be the end of your friendship. You can also improve things by encouraging the other to date someone too.

5)      Have patience:

Initially it may seem that it isn’t working out but you should always keep in mind that it takes time to heal. Just remember the good times and the bad and learn life’s lessons.

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