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How to Ask a Girl Out if she is already seeing someone

September 8, 2012

Sometimes it may happen that you meet a great girl someday and may be you even fall for her at the first sight. On enquiring about her from others you find out that she is already seeing someone else. Is that the end for you?

Just make sure you follow the following tips in mind while asking a girl out who is already dating someone.

1)      Try to find out how serious she is about her partner:

Many girls don’t feel happy with their partner or do not feel the spark which they used to feel before with their partner. This may lead to the girl trying to avoid the guy and thus you can take his place. It may so happen that the girl is just in a casual relationship with the boy and it is not so serious. You can ask her directly whether she is single or not. If she tells that she is single be good friends for a while and then ask her out casually. If she is not in a serious relationship with someone she will actually go on a date with you.

2)      If she is in a relationship:

What if you find that your crush is in a relationship? Well, it clearly depends on you how you can handle the situation. If you feel that you are really interested in the woman you shouldn’t give her a miss. Ask her directly and boldly whether she is in love or whether she is satisfies with her relationship. If she tells that she is not, make sure that you get her convinced to go on a date with you. Tell her frankly, what you feel about her and appreciate her all the while.

There is also another way in which you can approach her but in a more passive way. If she admits that she is in a relationship and is satisfied with her boyfriend and is not looking for anyone else, tell her boldly that if ever she gets single she should give you a call and then pass on your number. If her love is strong she will throw away your contact information but if it is not she’ll consider giving you a call when her relationships is on the rocks. If she doesn’t, you shouldn’t get disheartened as there is nothing wrong in trying.

3)      Avoid becoming a substitute:

If she is really interested with you also but doesn’t go forward and break up with her boyfriend you should probably give it a miss. She may try to cheat on him with you and that puts a serious question on her character and trustworthiness. She may also have it in her mind to make use of you as a puppet. Avoid these types of girls.

4)      Convey your emotions:

Sometimes even if the girl is committed, she may fall for you seeing your determination and your love for her. If you really love her, you should make your intentions clear and give all your effort to get her anyhow.

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