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How to know if a girl is interested in you

September 7, 2012

Sometimes we may not know if a girl is interested in us, and this can result in loss of a chance to date her. It may so happen that we may be interested in the girl as well, and have a crush on her, but since we fail to notice her interest in us, things don’t work out. Here, a good opportunity is lost which may never come again.

Therefore it is important to read body language and signals of the girl to know if she is interested in you or not. There are simple tricks which can reveal a lot about a person. Sometimes the other person is just interested in you for some strange reason, not necessarily for getting into a relationship. Somebody may admire you, somebody may think you look cute, or whatever the reason may be, if you have prior knowledge of such interest then you can capitalize on it.

  • Body Language: When she’s attracted to you, you’ll somehow know. She’ll be an altogether different person when she’s around you, and she treats you differently from how she treats other people. She’ll care about you, and want to be with you all the time. If it is in a setting where you often meet, you’ll find her nearby you most of the time, even if she’s not talking to you. She just wants to elicit a response from you.
  • Talking style: She’ll be nice with you and tell you things a person usually won’t tell. You’ll get a lot of praises and admiration from her. She’ll enjoy all the attention you’ll give her, even if you’re teasing her. There will be a smile on her face, and a twinkle in her eye. She’ll laugh at all your jokes, even if it’s not funny.
  • Jealousy: When you are around other girls, she’ll get jealous, which you can notice from the obvious mood swing. She’ll try to tease you with other girls just to hear from you that you’re not interested in them. In group outings, she’ll be closer to you than other girls. In any social group, if she feels enough attention is not given to her, she’ll seek a bit of attention and try to make her space.
  • Conversations: She’ll tell you about her friends, and about things at home. She’ll even tell you about her pets and such things, and also the things that are worrying her. If you have a common friend, then you would start hearing from your common friend that she talks about you a lot. She’ll be talking endlessly about you in front of her friends, and she’ll never get tired of doing that.
  • Calls and Texts: She’ll call you frequently without any reason at all, or she may fabricate stupid reasons to call you. You should also start expecting texts from her, and she does this just to make sure that you’re thinking of her.

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