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How to be someone everybody wants

September 7, 2012

Everybody loves a little bit of attention, and praising. We all love it when people come up to us and talk to us and express their admiration for us. The admiration could be due to a variety of things, like achievements, but there are certain protocols and rules, which if followed, would make one much appreciated and loved. There are many people who fail to attract any attention but wish dearly for it nevertheless. These tips can ensure that you attract attention of the right people, and get their respect.

  • Be smart – One should be a little smart in relationships, and constantly look out for signs towards reading other people’s choices and preferences. This will help you in a number of ways. You could start conversations and build friendships through such knowledge. You could also know what a person feels about you if you expert yourself at body language reading.
  • Praise people – One should be lavish when praising others, even in situations where the person you are praising does not deserve it as much. It is always good to praise people, but one should also take note to not go overboard with such praise, since it would be a sign of being fake. You should complement how others look, and a few white lies here and there are fine.
  • Be honest – Apart from the white lies, make sure you don’t lie much. People are usually smart enough to know, and eventually the truth does come out. Hence, lying is a bad idea and does a bit of harm to your reputation.
  • Respect women – Trust me, this is one of the things girls are really really touchy about. A person who does not respect women is hated by women, and quite rightly. One should always treat women with respect because they deserve it. They should be given their space, and a real man would always respect women.
  • Behave properly: You need to mould your behaviour to make a good impression. A few behavioural changes here and there would go a long way to improving your image. Incorporate small changes in your life, such as making it a point to always open the door for a lady, would win you a lot of points. You should always be courteous, and shouldn’t be rude even to people who you have no interest in. Others are always on the lookout for traits to analyze your character. So, even if you misbehave with a waiter in a restaurant, they’ll take the hint.
  • Be sensitive to other’s feelings – You should not be selfish, and be sensitive and considerate about others. Don’t you feel better when you’re feeling bad and somebody comes and puts their arm around you and consoles you? You certainly do. Hence, when another person is feeling bad, rather than being selfish, go and help them. Talk to them about the problem, and try to sort out things. These are gestures that people will never forget, and you can instantly gain a lot of importance in their lives.

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