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Tips on how to get over a Relationship in a week

September 6, 2012

If you are going through a breakup which happened recently, life would seem very complicated and tough and thus many complicacies would arise like loss of appetite or sleep. Getting over a relationship might seem very difficult for many but it is much less complicated and tough as it seems given that you are ready to let go of that person. Once you are ready to let go of that person and you do have a strong mindset, the rest is very easy.

The following article will give you an insight about what to do in the next seven days post breakup so that none of your time gets wasted moping and spending all your time alone without feeling anything to do. After seven days you’ll be able to get over your ex and be right on your track and lead a vivacious life afterwards.

First day:

Spend the first day rethinking all the blunders committed by your so called “partner”. Return or throw all the gifts given to you by the other fellow. Have some time by yourself. You can even cry it out and vent out all your anger, sorrows and pain by writing everything in a diary or by screaming. Try to have adequate sleep so that your mind takes a good rest and make sure you don’t get nauseated.

Second day:

Spend your second day suppressing all your feelings to someone close, such as your best friend. Tell everything about your ex and the reasons for your breakup. Analyze why you broke up, the sequence of events that followed. Your parents may come handy in this case too. Sharing your thoughts and pain with someone close definitely lessens them, also make sure that you remind yourself again and again about the reason for your break up and that you couldn’t have continued with the relationship any longer and that you gave your best to save the relationship. Make sure that you don’t get tempted to call the person or send him/her any texts. Make sure you clear your head out and imagining your future without your ex.

Third day:

Spend the third day listening to some music. Always keep it in mind to listen to trippy or happy songs. Romantic or sad tend to ruin your mood and make you remind of those good times. Sometimes such music may incite you to get back in touch with your partner. Engage yourself in your hobbies, watch action movies or read novels to ward previous memories off.

Fourth day:

Spend this day having some enjoyment and relaxation. Go out and have some fresh air in the morning. Later on, hang out with your friends and relatives. Have a get-together at your home if possible. Visit places with your friends and make sure that you don’t go to the places you and your partner used to visit.

Fifth day:

Spend some time on self- Introspection. Rethink what your goals are and what you should do to achieve them. Do whatever that can make you feel strong.

Sixth and Seventh day:

Spend the rest two days relaxing. Make sure you have stopped thinking about your ex. Make sure that if your ex’s thought props into your mind, you engage yourself in some activity to ward off the thought.

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