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How to be Loyal in a Relationship

September 6, 2012

With passage of time, people have become more selfish. People have become more self centered and have a keen eye for their own interests rather than others. This selfish nature in a person may lead to him breaking someone’s heart for money or for any other reasons. Being loyal in a relationship can be one of the most valued qualities in an individual. Loyalty in a relationship, when selfishness and cheating seems to be the rule of the day is certainly a very prized possession.

However if you are not loyal, you can undertake the following steps and thus can be loyal to your partner again:-

1)      Understand what being loyal takes:

To be loyal to someone you must give your partner more priority than your self-interests. Loyalty includes not hurting the referred person in any manner. It is a feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.

2)      Ask yourself whether the person involved deserves your loyalty:

Make it sure that the person to whom you are loyal is loyal to you too. Loyalty is a quality which is at its best when reciprocated and if your partner isn’t loyal to you when you are, it will hurt you the most.

3)      Learn to sacrifice:

Being loyal to your family or your partner requires a lot of sacrifice just like a soldier sacrifices his life for the purpose of serving his own country. Your S.O means a lot to you and you can sacrifice a lot of things including worldly pleasures or bad habits to make her a bit happy. In this way there would be a greater understanding, cohesiveness and harmony in your relationship.

4)      List out the needs of whomever will have your loyalty:

In the beginning stages of loyalty you need to analyze your partner’s problem and carve out some time so that you can solve your partner’s problems. Being truly loyal to someone requires your time, honesty and of course yourself.

5)      Watch out for rewards and appreciation:

As any other good quality, loyalty also gets rewards and appreciation from others. After seeing increase in loyalty from your side, your partner’s love for you will increase and thus you will feel like a more responsible man. Being loyal to inappropriate persons or groups may hurt your relationship, your partner as well as yourself and is generally not rewarding.

6)      Analyze the costs of being loyal:

Being a loyal person may benefit you as well as harm you sometimes. Your loyalty should be solely dependent on your priorities and your interests. Your loyalty should be shown to people who are trustworthy and in turn love you and respect you. Loyalty to inappropriate persons may hamper your stability of mind and may sometimes cause social ostracism.

7)      Balance your loyalties:

You should try to balance your loyalties in the most efficient manner. You should manage your personal, social and professional life in such a way that none get hampered or hurt. For example being too much loyal to your company may land your personal life in trouble and so on.



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