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Is it too early to enter into a relationship?

September 5, 2012

Many people hurry their way into a relationship, and then perhaps what happens afterwards is not the most pleasant in quite a number of cases. A relationship is something that makes us feel special, and one always wants that special feeling to go on forever. In life, however, at the later stages of a relationship, there are problems which emerge in almost all cases. These problems need to be resolved to go on with the relationship. Sometimes the relationship reaches such a stage that it becomes difficult to carry it on any further. Here, it becomes necessary to end it.

Another thing which no person who has ever been in a relationship would deny is that the pain of a break-up or disharmony in a relationship is huge. Hence, other than relationship improving exercises, it is also very important to choose your partner well, and to give the friendship enough time before allowing it to transform into a relationship.

Physical Attraction

One of the major causes which let people fall for each other is physical attraction. One can find the other person extremely pretty or handsome and it’s easy to fall for them. What people don’t realize is that physical attraction isn’t enough for a relationship to succeed. What is important is a good compatibility. The partners need to complement each other. In cases of pure physical attraction, the people eventually get bored of each other’s looks and when it comes to compatibility, they score a zero. Rather than the heart being broken, the ego is bruised and self-confidence takes a dip. This results in periods of depression, and self-doubt. This can lead to hardships, and one may be extremely reluctant to ever enter into another relationship.


What is extremely important in a relationship is bonding. Even though you are wary or interest from another party, you should keep them in the friend zone for some time. This gives two very obvious advantages. First, it tests the perseverance of the other party. If the other party isn’t prepared to wait long enough for you, you would know that it was infatuation. When the person doesn’t have the patience to wait for you, you would know that the person is perhaps fickle and wouldn’t last long in the relationship. But obviously, one person should not make the other wait for too long. The other advantage is, it allows you sufficient time to bond. You could spend time with each other, and know more about each other. This will put you in a better position to decide whether going ahead with the relationship would be a good idea or not. You can go for movies, dates, dinners, or just bond casually, and in the process you can know so much more about each other. This would improve the understanding, and help you to know whether the other person is the right person in your life or not.

Hence, it is always advisable to try to restrain oneself from entering into a relationship only because the other party is extremely good looking. One should look at certain other things such as the bonding and the comfort level while deciding upon whether to enter into a relationship.

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