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How to deal with a Lying Boyfriend

September 3, 2012

It is said that unrequited relationship is the worst kind of relationship. Some people in relationships generally do not get the same love and affection from their partner after time passes by. This may happen due to many reasons; the prime one among them is that if you have a boyfriend who lies or one who cheats.

Being in a relationship where your partner lies is certainly not a good feeling and one should make a firm decision as to determine what their next course of action should be. The following points will help you to work through dealing with a boyfriend who lies.

1)      Make sure that you are being lied to:

You should make sure that your partner is lying to you and that it is just not your intuition. If you go the other way round, if you find that your partner is lying to you, you shouldn’t make excuses and procrastinate your actions. You should take some steps as soon as possible. You can doubt whether your boyfriend is lying, if:

a)      He doesn’t keep dates with you and makes random excuses.

b)      Doesn’t give you details and makes stories.

2)      Try to bump into them:

If you try to meet your partner or if your partner avoids talking to you citing that he is busy, try to bump into them with the help of your mutual friends. In that way you can have the surety that your boyfriend is lying to you and all doubts would remain exposed.

3)      Stay safe from a guy if he tells that he loves you after knowing you only for a few days:

You shouldn’t fall for guys who proclaim that they love you only after seeing you for a few weeks. Their intention may be something worse. They might be after your money or for sex. Maintaining a relationship only for the intent of sexual relations might be the reason for him lying to you.

4)      Take a decision about your next course of action:

If you are confirmed that your boyfriend is lying to you, you can:

a)      Confront him and make him know with facts that you are well aware of his lies.

b)      Consider the option of going for a break up. If you are confused and don’t take any actions, he will continue lying to you (now, in a more careful way though).

c)      Ask him to change and to stop lying. Make sure it is an ultimatum.

5)      Avoid taking it to your heart:

Always remember that you were always loyal to your relationship and it was the guy who lied. You shouldn’t take it seriously and you should keep in mind that you are not at all responsible for this. Get over it as quickly as possible.

6)      Don’t seek vengeance:

There is no gain if you think of seeking a revenge on him. Make sure that he remains your past and start a new beginning.

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