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Steps to be a Guy Every Girl Wants

September 2, 2012

This article serves the purpose of many guys who fail to impress a girl or draw eyeballs from the many girls out there girls. It may so happen that you seem to have feelings for a girl or you like her very much, but you don’t know how to approach her and worse even the girl likes you and your personality equally.

The following steps will make things easier to be with the girl you really like:-

1) Try to be confident:

Being confident is truly a mantra by which you can get some attention from girls around you. You can show that you are confident by improving your way of speaking, wearing a smile on your face always, being humorous in nature, laughing to her jokes whether they are funny or not, listening to her words intently etc. You can also have the girls’ attention by cracking a few jokes as you pass by her, walk her home or even the hallway. An act of chivalry is always appreciated.

2) Compliment her:

You can win a girl’s heart by complimenting her as in, how beautiful she looks or the dress suits her. Compliments can range from her personality to achievements and other stuffs. Make sure that you are controlled in the way of complimenting her so that she doesn’t feel that you are flirting with her or she may have an impression that you are in love with her and you may break her heart. Always remember to be moderate.

3) Try out her favorite bands or movies and keep track of her likes:

Girls always like when someone has the same band, movies, stars or even books as their favorites. You should have a detailed account of her likes and dislikes. After you try out her favorite programs, express your opinions about them. Don’t be rude. Be humble as much as you can.

4) Share things with her:

You should try to share day to day things with her. This can include sharing your food or offering any kind of music. If she doesn’t favor music much, make it sure that you put away your headphones and talk with her. Let her know that she comes before everything else. If you have a pack of sweets or chocolates share it with her.

5) Tell her things:

You can share day to day things with her, things that make you happy or hurt you. She’ll always be a patient listener. Make sure you don’t share much personal things, in case she spreads them. Slowly but steadily she’ll trust you and will like you.

6) Be sensitive:

Girls sometimes try to confide their sorrows and problems. You should always try to be a great listener and try to show your empathy. You shouldn’t laugh at her problems and make fun of her. Try to comfort and console her even if it is something ridiculous. Girls always desire a helping hand and one who can understand their problems and try to be an emotional support. If possible make do solve her problem.

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