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Signs You Should Break Up

September 2, 2012

A relationship gives a lot of joys and happiness, and makes us feel special and wanted. We can have someone who will be with us and support us through all things we face. We can spend some quality time with them, and have fun and be happy. But relationships don’t remain such wonderful and joyous things all the time. Times come when they become sad and painful. At such stages, a decision has to be made whether to try to improve the relationship or to move on. There may be many such people who could give us the same pleasures over and over again, when we date them. They are really worth considering, but on the other hand you might losing out on your Miss or Mr. Perfect. These things have to be balanced and the decision must be taken.

The Dilemma

At the juncture of your relationship where things are going wrong, it is a difficult time that you may be having. You may not be happy in the relationship anymore, and the person you spent so many days with would look altogether a changed person. The relationship would not give you any kind of satisfaction. On the contrary, you would only get pain and depression.

The initial stages would be very happy and pleasing. There would be a large amount of satisfaction. The excitement of the initial stages would carry the relationship through for some time. If the people are compatible and complement each other, the relationship would go on smoothly. But in most cases, there are differences that crop up between the people. The reason for this is that no couple is perfectly compatible. There are certain things each partner does not like about the other, and if unresolved, these sow the seeds of bigger rifts. Also, after all the excitement passes through, and things settle down a bit do you actually know more about a person. The new revelations also have a potential of destroying your relationship.

You should consider moving on when some of the followings things happen.

  • One of the major signs is perhaps that you feel as if you don’t know the person, or the person appears very changed. It is quite common when the initial phases of a relationship pass through and things calm down. It is when people become their true self and you see them doing things that you would have never imagined them to be doing. These things may really leave a bad taste, and you need to make yourself accept the fact that you two were never made for each other. If the other person turns out to be drastically different, then you need to accept that things cannot change. You should perhaps consider moving on, and looking for a person who better matches your personality traits.
  • Another bad sign is that you feel yourself drifting away from the person and there isn’t the same amount of interest that you share for each other. It could be due to a variety of factors, and may not give you any happiness. You could try reviving the relationship if you are serious about the person. If you are casually dating, you should perhaps move on.

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