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How to Choose a Wife

August 31, 2012

When some guy is dating a girl, it may seem to occur to a guy whether they can be a couple or real spouses in the future. Most men get attached with a girl before thinking whether she would make a good wife or not and the results are not always appreciated. Men get biased after being in a relationship with a girl and the decision to make her your better half seems to be quite tedious.

This can be avoided by first getting a wish list of qualities in your second half without making any decisions thus making things simpler.

Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind while choosing your wife:

1) Start by making a list of your life and lifestyle that you don’t want to change in the future:

This basically includes all the simple things you do in your day to day life like watching sports, going to stadiums, watching movies of a particular genre, spending time outdoors, socializing with friends and colleagues or it may be working on the computer for a lot of time even.

2) Make a list of qualities that you have admired in women you have met earlier:

You should create a realistic list of all the good qualities in those women you have met earlier and you have appreciated. The list should not be vague and should be practical. It may be something like one who has active interest in sports, one having a frugal mind, socializing, having some extracurricular activities like dancing or singing, independent etc.

3) When you meet someone who seems to have the mentioned qualities in your wish list:

Make sure you get into a face to face interaction with the woman. Some try to fake things, so you should be extra careful in judging a woman by having an insight into her personality, her likes and interests and opinion about things that matter to you a lot. Notice whether she is frugal and practical as well as equally matured in handling day to day problems.

4) Things that don’t match should be of concern:

If you notice that there are important things that don’t match up to your expectations, better quit and continue with your quest. However, if small things don’t match make sure that you learn to compromise. Nobody is indeed perfect.

5) Let her meet your friends and ask to meet her friends:

No one can give a better opinion about the girl than her friends. Make sure that she didn’t lie anything to you and in the same way, let her meet your friends to let her have a better understanding of yourself and your position in the society.

6) Give more importance to her inner beauty:

Men go for a girl having tremendous looks and one who is charming but remember that in the quest for a girl with outer beauty, you shouldn’t forget to look out for inner qualities. You should always check whether she is caring, affectionate, understanding and whether she remains cheerful all the time.

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