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August 30, 2012

Love at first sight is quite a common phrase. It basically refers to instant attraction between two individuals. This phrase has also been used in countless books, movies, poems and other stuff.
Some say that “Love at first sight” is just a myth, but it has been scientifically proven that it is not a myth. Extensive research in the field of psychology of falling in love has revealed that it can take just a fifth of second for a person to fall in love with someone.

Most of must be familiar with the phrase ‘Love at first sight’ and many of us perhaps know what it feels like. Well, perhaps it shouldn’t be called ‘love’ strictly speaking, but nevertheless, we all have felt that initial attraction when we see someone really good looking. We could have fallen in love at first sight with our favorite movie star, or maybe with our current partner even. It is a sudden liking that we develop for a partner just on sight. Some people are so pleasing to the eye, that there is a sudden desire in us to enter into a relationship with them, and be close to them. The reason why we fall into love at first sight is, based on how they look, we form an opinion of how that person is in terms of character and personality, and perhaps that matches how we want our partner to be. It excites our senses to a great extent, and we feel a sudden urge to go and talk to them. They may remind us of someone perhaps, and some features and traits they have might match somebody else’s whom we admire. Some look extremely attractive to the eye, and the way they carry themselves around makes us fall for them. Since men are more appearance-driven than women, they are likely to fall in love at first sight on more occasions than their counterparts.

One thing love at first sight can be perhaps described as, is something called as ‘having a crush’. Their appearance appeals to us, and we want to be close to them. But do we really want to be in a relationship with them? Do we even know them enough to be in a relationship with them? All the excitement regarding looks may fade away, and the only thing that will sustain a relationship is the character of both the people. One should be sure of that before one rushes in with a love at first sight sort of relationship. As one gets to know a ‘crush’ better and better, our interest might decline, because they turn out to be something entirely different from what we thought they were. Well, there are cases when they turn out to be exactly how we wanted them to be, and we end up getting lucky with that. In those cases, we may enter in a relationship, but those cases are very rare. Certain things this ‘love at first sight’ actually is, is actually lust or admiration. Sometimes they stand for something we want to be, and other times it is a pure physical attraction. We should recognize them and be careful, lest they wreak havoc with our emotional lives.

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