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August 30, 2012

A relationship is something that makes you and the world around feel special and happy. In order to be successful in a relationship it is important to make some genuine efforts. Some relationships go sour and they end up giving a lot of pain and unhappiness. These usually happen due to misunderstandings and lack of interest. It is advised to make an endeavor to make sure that everything is sorted, and both partners are happy so that the interest in the relationship is kept steady. Also, one should view the partner as how they are and not how one wants them to be, and that itself solves a number of problems.

We certainly feel very special when somebody makes an affectionate gesture to us, to the extent that it has the potential to make the entire day feel much better. We love surprises, special gifts and warm hugs. Like us, most of the people love it. It takes no effort to receive a surprise or a gift, but it takes quite an effort to plan out one for somebody else. That is something that should be actively done and we should do our best to make sure that the partner is happy, because that in turn, will give us happiness.

If you are a man, then there are a lot of things that you can do to keep your girl happy. There are certain things that all girls desire, and surprisingly, there are a lot of non material things in that list. Men have usually found it a little bit difficult to understand women since forever, and may find them a bit confusing. Well, one can use a few tips to try and keep them happy. Along with that, conversations are the best thing if you’re trying to understand her fully. Keep conversing with her on things about her, what she likes and dislikes and such things, and you’ll slowly start understanding her likes and dislikes. Some things may not make sense, but remember the golden rule – take her as she is, and not how you are, or how you want her to be.

Girls love surprises, so keep surprising them. Tell them that you love them when they are least expecting it (and that doesn’t mean that you stop telling them that you love them when they need it the most). Keep telling her how special she is, and how lucky you are to have them in your lives. Everybody loves to be praised, and your partner wouldn’t be an exception. You can also surprise her with flowers and chocolates, both of which are not very expensive but some things girls absolutely love.

Other gestures, such as ‘I miss you’ gestures do a lot of good to a relationship. They show the girl that you really care for them, and they are an integral part of your life. Another important thing is to respect a girl and everything she wants to be. You should never impose yourself on your partner, and regard their opinions. That is a true sign that you care about them and that your world revolves around them, and not you.

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