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How to Assess Your Relationship Stage

August 29, 2012

Relationship involves two people having an intimate and emotional understanding of each other for a long period of time. It is the stage that proceeds dating and precedes engagement and eventually marriage. Sometimes relationships lose their spark and vigor and turn out to be sour at times. To improve the health and future of a relationship you should assess the stage of your relationship at certain intervals of time. Assessing a relationship generally involves introspecting one’s relationship.

This process can be done in various stages in which each stage determines the strength and compatibility of your relationship. It also makes you consciously alert to things when they don’t go the way you want them to.

Here are some steps by which you can assess your relationship:-

1)      Determine whether you are in the romantic stage:-

You can determine whether you are in a romantic stage be checking whether your partner loves you and you go on dates and spend quality time with each other. Initially romance is at its peak in a relationship but after some time things don’t go the right way.

You can determine whether you are in a romantic stage if:-

a)      If you feel weak on your knees when the other person is around and you keep on staring at the other when you find an opportunity.

b)      You may skip a heartbeat or your face may get flushed when you see your beloved girlfriend.

c)      When both of you try to impress each other and if both want to spend time with each other and hangout or go on dates.

2)      The power-struggle phase which involves needing some independence from the other person:-

a)      It may so occur that you are involved with regular fights over small things with your partner. Such regular disputes are always a pain and destabilize your mind.

b)      Sometimes miscommunication occur which results in increased arguments leaving both of you irritated after a certain time.

c)      Your partner may get over possessive about you and doesn’t like the tendency of you talking to his/her friends or others. This is generally not accepted and things turn sour between both.

3)      The stability stage which comes after both overcome the problems in the beginning including responsibility and roles and more stability is noticed:-

In this stage you try to:

a)      Understand and accept each other’s emotions and differences. You may also become a lot familiar with the likes and tastes of the other and do things to make your partner happy.

b)      There is an increase of boredom in the relationship mainly due to monotony and the regular life. This can be avoided by giving each other surprises and trekking or going on picnics.

c)      This zone can be turned as a danger zone if stuffs get too boring and mellow or there is an increased misunderstanding between both of you.

4)      The last one is the commitment stage where each other decide to be in a long term relationship or not:-

This depends on:

a)      Whether you completely trust the other person and feel that he/she can make you happy for the rest of your life.

b)      If you can’t picture a life without the person involved.

c)      Whether you are connected throughout the past, the present and the future.

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