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Tips to Propose a Girl

August 28, 2012

Every relationship formally starts when both the partners express their feelings towards each other and decide to enter into a relationship. You could be friends before, but this is what begins the relationship, and after this stage, things change quite a bit. Hence, this stage, known as proposal is a very important part of any relationship. A relationship cannot start without a proposal.

When a person proposes the other, the other person has the option to accept or reject the relationship, and hence the proposal is very important. It is more so important when the other partner is slightly undecided about the relationship. A good proposal can make a huge amount of difference in such a case, and may prove to be the factor that eventually convinces your partner to enter into a relationship. A proposal may, in certain ways, show the amount of love and concern you have for your partner, depending on the amount of thought you have put into the proposal. It helps you a lot when the partner is a little bit unsure about your true feelings, and is constantly looking for signs that will help her make a decision. Hence it is extremely important that such proposals may be made with utmost care and attention to detail.

Choices vary, and hence the type of proposal one has to make would depend on the peculiarities of every case, but there are certain things that should be kept in mind while making a proposal. One very sweet way is to take the person out for a dinner or some other outing. It is only when people spend quality time with each other do they like each other even more and understand each other. Whenever you go for a nice outing and have a long and exhausting day, you get back home feeling nice and content. The feeling you get after a nice day is priceless, and it would be great to capitalize on this. One can go to a number of places, a dinner, an amusement park, or any such place depending on the individual’s choice. It would be even better if one tried out new things, because it brings with it a sense of excitement and trying something new always makes a day memorable. After a fun filled day, one could just confess one’s feeling toward the other at the end of the day. Maybe you won’t get a reply immediately, but there will be a lot of positive energy attached to the day and when the person thinks back about the particular day, there will be positive feelings attached which may work in your favour.

In any case, everybody should remember the rule – make it a positive day with loads of good memories attached to it. Another nice idea would be to make use of a place that already has a number of positive memories, and hence positive energy associated with it. You could meet up at a place where you both have lots of special memories attached, and then proceed to capitalize on the positive energy that the place has. It may work in your favour as well, and you can have your partner feeling strangely excited about you and the relationship.

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