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5 tips for starting a relationship

August 27, 2012

People want to be in a relationship with the other sex mainly to achieve an emotional stability and to be intact with someone who can understand you, your problems and try to console and comfort you when things don’t go right. People also stay in a relationship with the other to test their compatibility and to build a steady and happy half-life.

People generally become very nervous in the beginning of a relationship and falter and thus the newly found relationship makes an abrupt ending thus ruining their confidence in themselves. Here are some tips that you should follow in order to build a strong foundation for a successful relationship.

1)      Get it clear what you want from the other:

Make it clear what you want, whether a long term monogamous relationship or a short term casual relationship or something like dating multiple girls/guys at a time. Interpreting this factor can ascertain a healthy state of mind and makes you feel less confused. Accordingly you can choose a partner with the same mentality. In this way you won’t be able hurt someone who is in the lookout for a more long term relationship.

2)       Check out your compatibility with the other:

The first thing you got to look out for before being in a relationship with the other is to look out for their likes and dislikes and to ascertain whether they match with those of yours. In this way there won’t be any grounds for you to quarrel with the other in the future and will lead to a happy and monogamous relationship. You also need to ascertain whether both of you have the same long term goals and whether you find the same virtues and morals which you wished to find in your partner.

3)      Be your self:

This is the most important thing which helps in cementing a relationship. Emulating someone else or pretending to be someone with different values and virtues other than you may be good for a relationship in the beginning but as time proceeds things turn a bit sour leading to unexpected results. The best you can get from a relationship is to be the best of yourself in front of your partner. Everyone has some good as well as some bad qualities and your partner needs to understand this thing and count on you.

4)      Show your feelings to your partner:

Showing your feelings to your partner is an important factor which helps in strengthening your relationship from the beginning. You can do it by telling that you love him/her or by sharing your partner’s sadness and comforting your partner. Girls are generally very emotional in nature, so some touch lines a day might carve a big niche for you in her heart. The situation becomes better and is well appreciated when your partner reciprocates your feelings, understands you and respects you/

5)      Look out for your money:

If you are in a casual, short-term relationship, you shouldn’t be extravagant in nature and you should try to spend as little money as possible on her. If you are looking for a long term relationship then you shouldn’t mind spending your money on your partner much. He/she is going to be the better half of your life anyways.


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