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5 reasons why long distance relationships don’t work

August 27, 2012

Being in a relationship is truly a wonderful thing that can happen to anyone. It involves the feeling of butterflies and the obvious giddy affection for each other but slowly relationships can turn out to be a bit sour. Sometimes with the intent of making their future bright and to earn a steady income to satisfy their growing demands, partners part from each other of the intent of earning money and securing their future. Little they do realize that this step can affect their relationship drastically and make things worse, at least for the time being. Of course long distance relationship can work with the right mindset and plenty of emotional preparation and steer through the problems brought on by the geographical barriers with careful navigation but this turns out to be a tedious affair most of the time.

There can be many reasons behind a sour relationship but among those a long distance relationship can turn out to be a real fatal one. Here are some reasons which indicate why long distance relationships just don’t work:-

1)      Lack of trust:

Lack of trust between the couples can turn out to be an important aspect in ruining a relationship. A successful and monogamous relationship requires a lot of devotion, understanding, trustworthiness and ethical grounding but there always exist dubious partners who think that their boyfriend/girlfriend may not live up to their expectations. There always exists a doubt on their partner on the basis of moral conduct and the worse thing is that it cannot be cleared right away due to geographical barriers. A partner may think that his/her S.O may be flirting with someone or may be involved in a relationship with someone else and these results in taking drastic decisions, a truly misguided effort to protect your heart and your peace of mind.

2)      A gloomy future

Partners may part from each other on the advent of securing their future but it doesn’t really help “their” future. Although there may be enough chemistry between the partners and although their life seems to be chugging along parallel tracks, couples don’t really spend some quality time with each other and don’t get to know each other more and this results in making stuffs worse. This factor can put a full stop in their relationship

3)      Different expectations

If a couple does not share the same expectations from each other when they are in a relationship and they get separated due to some unavoidable circumstances, it can spell doom on their relationship. A boyfriend or a girlfriend who wants to talk and spend most of his/her time with the S.O might feel it difficult to sustain this relationship and turn it into marriage.

4)      Separation issues

Sometimes a scratchy phone connection and sometimes a difference in time zones may lead to anxiety and anger prevailing on the couple. Sometimes it may so occur that an individual may feel abandoned and may need some support and thus may want to spend some quality time with his/her S.O who can console and understand their feelings but generally this doesn’t work and the partner feels left out.

5)      The cost involved to keep in touch

Sometimes couples may get separated from each other by a few thousand miles. To get in touch with each other they call and text each other but this turns out to be an extremely costly affair. Even sending gifts to each other on special dates and going back to pay his/her a visit might cost you some huge bucks.

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