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What to do when the person you like is involved with someone else

August 26, 2012

Being in a relationship is a very wonderful and exciting feeling, and we’ve fallen for a person on first sight a number of times in our lives. Watching that person makes us desire to be close to that person, to have them in our lives. The day when we have them would give us immense satisfaction, and in such cases we don’t care about what type of person they are or are we compatible together or not. While this may involve future problems in the relationship, at that instant we don’t care about it.

When we are out looking for a relationship, and we like a person, there may be many people that like that person as well. Since our liking is entirely based on how they look or how they carry themselves around in public, that particular person may have drawn a number of fans. And it may so happen that that particular person has already been approached by one of the lovers, and they have entered into a relationship before we even know about them. When we know about it, we suffer a mini heartbreak, and decide to go on with life. Well, doing that is not a bad thing really, and since there are a number of questions regarding compatibility and character of the person that we have no idea about, entering into a relationship might have turned out into a bad idea after all. When the good looks would no longer excite us, there would be nothing left in the relationship and it would spell doom for the relationship.

Sometimes, however, we know how a particular person is, and we really yearn to have such a person in our lives. Whenever that person treats their current partner nicely, we feel jealous because we want to be treated the same. In that case, giving it a try is not really a bad idea. Well, everything is fair in love, but spreading misunderstandings between the partners is not recommended, because they might come back later in life to haunt us. What we can however do, is give a honest and sincere try.

We can initially start by being friends with them, and by virtue of being their friend alone, we derive immense pleasure out of a relationship. We should them proceed towards knowing them better. When we know them better, we understand the type of person they are and about their relationship. If it is a really happy and good relationship, then our conscience would prick us if we try to force our way into their lives. Hence, it is perhaps better to leave them alone. However, in the other case, where their relationship is a painful one, and they are in the relationship just for the sake of it, then we could perhaps give them some decent advice regarding the relationship. Once we become really close to that person, and treat that person very well, things might start playing in their mind. They may start wondering how good it would have been had you both been in a relationship. This is your chance; you can seize it and live a happy life with the person of your dreams. But it is strongly recommended not to use tactics which make you feel guilty, since they are both wrong and would haunt you later on in life.

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