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How to stop being an obsessive girlfriend

August 26, 2012

Romance may seem to be all pleasure in the beginning but as time goes by the relation goes stronger and stronger. With each passing time come greater hurdles and greater responsibilities. Couples want to spend as much time as possible with each other thus resulting in couples becoming over possessive of each other. However this becomes quite frightening for the other partner when he/she founds that their love has turned into over possessiveness. This can be particularly tiring at times and people in relationships generally get irritated soon.

Studies have shown that girls are found to be more possessive of their boyfriend than boys are of their girlfriends. The impact is so much on the relationship that it leads to catastrophic results often resulting in break-ups leaving both traumatized. Here are some tips that all girls out there can follow to avoid the feeling of over possessiveness and to stay in a happy relationship.

1)      Spot your over possessiveness:

Being in a relationship generally results in various changes in the life of a girl. This results in wanting to be in the guy’s life in every field, be it work, social or family and at every time. A girl may also feel that her guy needs her as much as she needs him while the reality is not so real. This is resulted due to obsessiveness. Obsessiveness can also be seen in a girl as a result of jealousy. Girls tend to be possessive about the guy she loves when another girl is involved in the scene.

2)      Act if there is a positive sign:

If you feel that you are becoming obsessed with the guy, just put some brakes on. This does not mean that you should go for a break-up. In fact you should lessen the time you spend with your boyfriend and make sure that some quality time is spent and give him some more space.

3)      Trust your partner:

As much as human beings need oxygen to survive, a relationship also needs some trust between both the partners to increase its longevity and its strength. If you feel that your obsessiveness is as a result of lack of trust then you better mend your ways. Lack of trust simply kills a relation and obsession in this case acts as a poison. You should discuss this thing with your partner if it bothers you and sort it out between yourself. Generally, when boys are trusted blindly, they become self conscious and try not to break it.

4)      Develop hobbies and stay in touch with friends:

New hobbies should be developed and some time should be spent with friends in get-togethers and hangouts to keep your boyfriend away from your mind for a while. This thing can be suggested to your partner also. Couples spending time in such a manner allow themselves to stabilize their relationship and at the same time to reestablish their individual identities.

5)      Stop calling, texting and checking your cell phone for any texts all the time:

Generally people tend to call and text their partner all the time as a result of obsession. This is not permitted at all. This produces the image of you being a jail keeper and your partner the inmate. Generally boys appreciate some space and they get quite irritated and lose interest in the girls who keep them texting and calling all the time. This gives an impression that the girl is very insecure and creates a cavity in the girl’s self esteem.

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