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5 Signs When You Should Go For a Break Up

August 25, 2012

Being in love is one of the most beautiful things that occur during the lifetime of an individual. Generally people have this feeling when they reach puberty. In the beginning its infatuation but as time travels considerable changes occur psychologically as well as a change of hormone levels and this creates some changes in the minds of both boys and girls. People fall in love when they mature and stay in a relationship but most of the time; a lot of turbulence comes in between them which lead to a break up leaving both traumatized. Some even try to stay in a relationship even if they are not happy with each other making things more complicated and this turns out completely disastrous ruining both their lives.

So, In case your relationship is not going through good times for a long period of time, you should know the exact time to break up. Here are 5 signs when you should know that its time to break up:-

1)      If your partner hurts you physically:

Getting hurt by your partner whom you love the most is the most painful and a dreadful thing that can happen to a relationship. True partners should respect each other and give space to each other. Even if your partner does something wrong you should be a good listener and learn to forgive your partner and ask him/her not to repeat it again. One should not continue to be in a relationship with the other if there is a case of physical abuse.

2)      When he/she isn’t there for you when you need them

Being in love involves sharing happy times as well as sad ones. If your partner does not care for you, does not ask you whether you are ok or not and does not show any kind of tolerance or doesn’t show any sympathy for you when you don’t feel right. You should go for a break up.

3)      When you feel that you two are incompatible:

If you feel that your partner don’t have much compatibility with each other you should go for a break up rather than keeping on extending things. In other words if your partner has different goals and ambitions which does not include you, you should go for a break up.

4)      When your partner doesn’t love you anymore:

If you feel that your relationship doesn’t have the spark which it used to have previously and things have strained out and become complicated resulting in both of you remaining disturbed and your partner doesn’t put in the care and affection which used to be present before, you should go for a break up.

5)      When your partner commits an act which should not be forgiven:

Trust and honesty are the building stones to a good relationship. If you find that your partner has broken your trust again and again or has told you many lies then your future doesn’t deserve to include such a person. A successful relationship requires people who are utmost trustworthy and honest to each other.

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