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Online Dating

August 24, 2012

Dating in layman terms can be explained as a period in a couple’s relationship which precedes engagement and marriage. This is the period in which a couple try to understand each other, find their tastes, their distastes and their overall compatibility with each other, discovering new thing about each other with each passing day simultaneously. It is the period in which a man tries to woo a woman to fall in love with her in case he begins to like her very much. It can be an informal, private affair as well as can be publicly declared in front of everyone. Dating partners change frequently and are generally not like engagements and marriages. This concept is said to have evolved from the west. Dating generally doesn’t have a fixed duration and varies from couple to couple.

Dating is said to have originated hundreds of years before. Previously people used to date each other in restaurants, cafes, pubs, parks and such places only. But with the advent of internet and technology, people nowadays not only date each other in a sort of physical manner but also virtually. This is wholly possible with the widespread use of the World Wide Web. People can nowadays date each other sitting in their cozy room.

Over the years a number of online dating sites have been developed keeping in view the ever increasing demands of the people. Websites compete with each other with new technologies and cheaper rates as powerful weapons. A lot of websites have come up; some are free while others are paid. Some of the paid online dating sites which are very popular among the general public are,, etc. and are some sites which are absolutely free.  Revenue on these sites has increased a lot. This is evident that presently a huge number of people are trusting on these sites and prefer this form of dating to the regular one.

Here are some tips that one should keep in mind before signing up for an online dating site:-

1)      Pictures can be treated as a guide only but you should not trust them blindly. Nowadays many people are misleading others by putting a profile picture which is either downloaded from the internet or is Photoshopped to a great extent. You can only trust a person’s picture only after seeing him/her physically.

2)      Some online dating sites are free initially but begin to charge after a fixed time. You should go through the terms and conditions thoroughly.

3)      A number of fake accounts exist out there. Many people get involve in these sites for time-pass. One should make the best use of one’s intuition while deciding whether the account is real or not.

4)      These sites are a temporary source of pleasure. After things progress, make sure that you get in contact with the person in real life.

5)      Never spend money on people whom you have just got in touch with recently. A number of fraudulent users exist on these sites. They may trap you and shell out money from you. So Be-Aware!

6)       Lastly, nice girls always wait for you to e-mail first. So take some time out and get in touch with girls first and make sure you don’t get vulgar with girls from the beginning.



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