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Love marriages vs. Arranged marriages

August 23, 2012

A Marriage is said to be a social gathering in which partners sign a legal contract which is supposed to be valid for an entire lifetime. Marriages are responsible for creating various relationships between the family of the bride and the bridegroom. This event is solemnized by a wedding ceremony in which friends, kith and kin of the families remain present to grace the occasion and bless the newly wed. It is considered as a very sacred event in the lives of the to-be spouses which remain imprinted in their hearts and mind until they breathe their last.

Marriages as we know differ a lot from region to region and culture to culture. Marriages can be of various kinds too. Basically, there are two kinds of marriages namely- arranged marriage and love marriage. Love marriage is a kind of marriage which occurs after two people date each other, fall in love, engage and then marry each other. This type of marriage is done keeping in mind the compatibility they have and after the couple have understood each other. Arranged marriages on the other hand are a sort of instantaneous decision made by the elders and guardians of the house. Arranged marriages involve the family members of bride and groom finding a perfect match for their son through friends and relatives. Eventually talks proceed between both the families after they find that they have landed up in a respectable well to do family and their son/daughter would lead a happy half life without any hassles.

While mostly love marriages occur in the western regions, arrange marriages generally have their base in developing countries like India where a whopping 95% of the marriages are arranged. Here love is considered as a taboo as people are not much educated. Arrange marriages also involve getting their son/daughter married to a family of the same caste and of the same religion. In India, where caste system still prevails this ultimatum is of utmost importance. However, people are gradually becoming more flexible on such terms, thanks to widespread awareness and great edification of the people. Inter-caste as well as inter-religion marriages are now accepted these days.

Love marriages and arranged marriages have some pros and cons. They are:-

1)      In love marriages it is entirely your decision and your responsibility to choose your partner according to your taste but in arranged marriage your elders are responsible and there are high chances that you may not end up with the right person.

2)      The responsibility is on the shoulders of the family members. So you can let the family members take any decision for you and incase anything goes wrong, blame will be on family members only.

3)      Romantic love is always idealized and people love the feeling of falling in love, receiving and giving gifts as well as surprises to each other. It makes life more exciting.

4)      There are a larger number of divorce cases in love marriages than in arranged marriages. That makes love marriages a little doubtful.

5)      In love marriages, couples give gifts and surprises to each other and also have knowledge of their likes and dislikes from the beginning but in arranged marriages, both are a mystery to each other.

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