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How to Let Her Know That You Are the Perfect One for Her

August 23, 2012

In our lives, there may be a number of occasions where we date people, and it may take a number of dates before we find the Mr. or Miss Perfect for us. When that person arrives, then you would instantly know. The bond between the both of you would be special, and much different from the past relationships you’ve had. You would both be really happy with each other, and your understanding would be great as well.

Now, sometimes it may so happen that the perfect person for us may not see us as the perfect person for them. The reason for this could be perhaps that we are portraying ourselves as something else, or the person is yet to realize our true worth. This can sometimes happen with people who are a bit shy and have problems in expressing themselves. These people are often misunderstood as rude, or uncaring, but the reality is quite different.

In this case, there are certain things one must do in order to make the other person realize how true we are to our feelings. Quite frankly, the perfect person comes into our life very rarely, and we may sometimes have to spend our entire lives waiting for another perfect person to come in. Hence, this is an opportunity one cannot afford to miss. One must do all they can to keep that person in our lives, and show them the gem that we are.

First things first, you should express yourself to her well. You should tell her how much she means to you. And you should tell her not only once, but always. People love to hear nice things about themselves, so they won’t get bored if you say how nice they are, and how lucky you are to have the in your life. Another good gesture is to remember dates. It shows the other person that you treat them as special, and really want you in their lives. Gifts are another good way to express your love. The gifts need not be extremely expensive, but they should be thoughtful. Random gifts seldom work. If she told you a couple of days back how much she loves soft toys, then a nice soft toy would really make her happy. It shows that you care for her happiness, and would go to any length to keep her happy.

Saying sorry is another thing you should learn to do, if you already haven’t. Saying sorry does not necessarily mean submission. In most fights, both the parties are to fault. Saying sorry just shows the other person that you don’t want these petty fights to get in the way of your relationship. Sometimes saying sorry, even when you don’t believe it to be your fault, is a sign that you care for them too much to let these things affect you. Another good way is to keep talking. Conversations would help you sort out your problems and show her that you are genuinely interested in clearing all misunderstandings.

These small steps, if taken in the right manner, would go a great way in helping you make your relationship very good. It would show the other person that you are a wonderful person, and would keep them very happy.

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