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Rediscovering your love in this busy lifestyle

August 22, 2012

The world is not the same that it was a big years ago. People have been proved and have also become well aware of the fact that in order to survive in this world one must sweat it out. People have become more self-biased these days and are least concerned about others as a result of their actions aimed to satisfy their own greed. People now-a-days have this general notion that money is the key to happiness. This has a substantial application in relationships as well. People have become so involved and engrossed in the ever increasing work load that they hardly find enough time for their loved ones. People run after the immaterial things so blindly that they forget that in the end it is only love that matters and it is love and affection for their partners that they should clinch together the reigns of their relationships in order to attain not only a more balanced life but also enrichment of health, mind, body and soul.

The situation pre and post marriage are completely different. Before marriage, when things look exciting, people in relationships think that life is a bed of roses while the reality is a bit too harsh. After a few years into marriage they face this reality. They come under immense work pressure and face the new challenges every day. Eventually people become accustomed to this busy lifestyle and start taking their love life for granted. They start ignoring each other and the peace and love which used to pertain in the house before, changes drastically. Eventually priorities change with the changed lifestyle. Little do people realize that a shining resume and a handsome paycheck are not going to help them with their life and their peace of mind in the long run.

There are several ways in which people can rediscover their lost love in this busy lifestyle:-

1)      Develop an understanding and have a basic idea of the priorities and needs of your partner and learn to compromise and thus try to stop being selfish.

2)      Spend some quality time with your partner. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity. Go out for movies, dinner, hiking etc. This improves your chemistry with your partner as well as removes unwanted stress.

3)       Share your interests, hobbies as well as the atmosphere in office with your partner so that you can spend some relaxing time together.

4)      Avoid silly arguments, they kill your time. In case any difference is cited, be calm and sort it out in a peaceful manner.

5)      Try to solve your problems yourselves, DO NOT let others interfere in your life. You know your partner better than anyone.

6)      Stop comparing, every person is different so is their relationship.

7)      Believe in your spouse and show it, similarly be loyal to your spouse.

8)      Share your bills and your duties at home.

9)      Remember the important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. It can actually impress a girl and celebrations can always ease the tension prevailing.

10)  Have a positive approach about your relationship.

11)  Learn to compromise. Any relationship is a two way road, so treat your partner in the way you expect to be treated. Respect your differences and act accordingly.

12)  Keep up the spark in your love life. Keep the romance alive. You can do it by dressing up for your partner according to his/her likes and surprise your partner when its least expected. Guys can cook for your girls and girls in return can play video games with your guys. A change from the mainstream is well appreciated.

13)  And lastly a little bit of personal space is definitely deserved by everyone, so give some space and don’t be too clingy.

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