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Love Triangles – What to do when you are in one?

August 22, 2012

While love triangles certainly spice up the movies that we watch, it spices up our lives too much for our liking, or atleast for the liking of a person who wants to be happy in a relationship without any kind of cheating, worries or uncertainty. Love triangles are of two types, one where there are two persons in your life, and the other when there are two people in your partner’s life, one of which is you. Today, we shall discuss the love triangle of the first category.

In the first case, if there are two people in your life, then it could be due to one of the two reasons. You should identify them and take appropriate measures, so that you don’t end up messing up your life, and losing both of them, or ending up with a person you never loved. The only reason that another person has entered your life, and you are experiencing an attraction for that person and wanting to enter into a relationship with them is because there were sufficient gaps between the both of you to allow a third person in. This is perhaps one truth that people find difficult to accept, but the sooner they accept it the better. Experiencing an attraction is one thing, and wanting to get close is quite another. If both happen, be sure that your relationship wasn’t strong enough.

Now, the reasons that you are attracted to another person are two. One is that, you are not satisfied with your first relationship, and that other person gives you all the happiness that you deserve and want. Secondly, it could just be a temporary attraction, an infatuation so strong that if you are not careful enough it may end up separating you and your loved one, and then leave you in a mess.

In the first case, the original relationship may not be very rewarding or pleasant, so you can consider breaking up for the other person. But you must be careful with it. You must first ensure that the new person in your life understands you very well, and you are likely to have a great relationship. Truth is, we all enter a relationship for our own happiness, and if we don’t gain happiness from a relationship, in spite of all our trying, then it is perhaps better to end the relationship. You should never let the opportunity to be with your Mr. or Miss Perfect pass, especially when you are staying back for a relationship that is suffering.

In the second case, it is very important to be vigilant and careful. There may be a number of people who may come into our lives and excite us, but we should understand our limits. When we are in a relationship, and we get all the joys and happiness from the relationship, then it would be extremely unwise to leave that person who has always been with us through thick and thin for a person who is a new entrant, a stranger in many respects. One should never leave a dependable person for a person who has just come into their lives. At first, there is an element of mystery surrounding their personality, which makes them interesting, but that slowly dies down. If one leaves one’s partner for such a person, then that person would regret once the mystery and excitement disappears. Hence, people should be careful and should think about it a lot before entering any such relationship.

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