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Live-In Relationships

August 21, 2012

A live in relationship is basically a sort of alliance with a partner. Some people undertake this relationship when they are in love while some get involved in this type of relationship to form a greater understanding between them as well as to understand each other better. Live in relationships form a characteristic feature of people living mostly in metropolitan cities. This type of relationship necessarily involves couples, who stay together in spite of not being married legally and intend to continue a long-going relationship something similar to marriage. Live in relationships have their roots in the west and are now-a-days prevalent in the eastern regions too.

As people face the world, the world retorts by asking several questions as in “Why live in?” However this seems absolutely legit. Many people go for live in relationships when they can stay together after marriage.  This depends completely on the mental set ups of the individuals. Some people go for this as they want to check out their compatibility and adjustability with each other before marriage. People can always breakup if they find they don’t have much compatibility amongst their partners but after marriage things get complicated and partners end up in compromising their habits and their way of living. Some people also think that marriage is a waste of money and doesn’t have much significance in them becoming husband and wife. In other words they feel that their love doesn’t needs to be certified and that there is no need of creating such a drama.

People by and large are victims of emotional drama and get attracted easily to the gravitational pull of relationships. Some consider relationships as a boon while others consider it as a big disadvantage. People fall in love much easily but it is really an uphill task when people get out of it. Live in relationships have their pros and cons much like normal relationships.

Pros of live in relationship:

1)      This type of relationship allows couples to spend a whole lot of time with each other and not be bothered by the constraints of time as they share the same house.

2)      There is no regret in live in relationships even if things don’t turn out pretty well in the end but things may get a bit more complicated in marriages.

3)      The two of them will understand each other better, improve their chemistry, adjust to each other and can take their love to new heights.

Cons of live in relationship:

1)      There may be verbal and physical abuse involved during the course of a live in relationship.

2)      There may be a lot of emotional trauma involved if a live in relationship turns out to be an unsuccessful one in the end and people may find it a lot more difficult to move on

3)      Live in relationships receives a lot of criticism from the society and things may turn bitter when people in these relationships get devoid of all social interactions.

Thus the decision for a live in relationship by couples should be taken wisely and without any haste. There should be enough love, understanding and trust between them. Partners should respect each other and adapt to each other. Last but not the least the society should understand these people and their respective problems and live in harmony with them.

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