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How to keep a third person out of a relationship

August 21, 2012

Being in love and in a relationship is wonderful indeed, and you get introduced to the joys of the world that the relationship brings along with itself. Moreover, you get a person who you are constantly in touch with, and you can rely and depend on them. The person lends you a comforting hand when you are in trouble, and would stand by you all the time.

Just like wine, a relationship always gets better with time, because with time the understanding between two partners improves. Two people get more and more comfortable with each other over time. Hence, in a relationship, a long term commitment is always good. If the relationship deteriorates over time, then it is time for some serious thinking. Perhaps the two partners were never compatible enough, and it was the initial excitement which took them through the first few phases of the relationship and once the excitement died down, the relationship took a turn towards a negative one. Sometimes, when two people are not happy in a relationship and they are distanced from each other, there is a scope for a third person to enter a relationship.

The third person could be someone who is interested in one of the partners, and entices them to end their existing relationship for the other, or to cheat in a relationship. Both are detrimental for the other partner, and they should try their best to not allow that to happen. One should make an active effort to keep the relationship close so that there is never space for a third person. Even if there is absence of compatibility, and the relationship’s initial success was because of the excitement, there are ways to make it work. One should build upon the initial stages, and try to build it from there. With time, compatibility would certainly improve, and that requires certain adjustments and compromises. Therefore, one should be open to such adjustments, and not be very rigid and unrelenting. The most important part is to keep talking. And talking here doesn’t mean just talking, although that also helps a lot too. Talking means good meaningful conversations whenever something goes wrong. It will help you in more ways than you think. First, it will assure both partners that you people are willing to accept your mistakes and talk over them and reach a compromise. Second, talking over it would help you reach a solution, so that the next time such a problem doesn’t repeat itself. It will also help you understand each other much better.

One should ensure that there is always enough excitement in a relationship. The relationship dies down when the two people get busy in their normal lives and hence get caught in the monotonous lifestyles. A surprise visit, a small holiday, a gift are all factors which would help improve the relationship. It is a gesture that you really care, and it will provide you a welcome break from the boring lifestyle. And what better way to spend the break than with your partner? These exercises will slowly ensure that both of you are an integral and inseparable part of each other’s lives, and hence will keep the bond strong.

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