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Joys of a Relationship

August 16, 2012

In the eternal ‘Single v. Committed’ debate there are certain things which you can argue for from both sides. While a single person can show off his freedom, etc., a committed person can also show off certain other things. Being in a relationship is very pleasant and happening, and opens you up to a new world of joys. There are wonderful things you experience while in a relationship, and you get to learn a lot of things too.

One of the best things about a relationship is that there is always a person who is there beside you. That person would lend emotional support in your life, which is very important. All human beings have insecurity hidden somewhere inside them, which comes out on certain occasions. When a person is feeling insecure or depressed, he would know that there is always somebody by them who would console them, make them see the positive side of things, and tell them that there are a lot of other things that they could achieve. Failure is not unknown to any person; we all fail at some point of our lives. What we, and especially the people with low will power usually need, is somebody to show them that this is not the end, and that the person can succeed if he tries harder. A loved one is someone who can do that with you. Also, when you have a loved one, you can share all secrets of your life with them. You can tell them about the good and the bad. Sometimes when you are feeling bad about a thing, then just speaking it out helps to a great extent. In a lover, you have that exact person.

Another great thing about a relationship is that there is some element of excitement in your life. You look forward to the next day, so that you could meet your partner at work, or in college. After marriage, the partner gives you reasons to look forward to the next day as well. Events like anniversaries and birthdays make you feel special. You get wonderful presents from your partner and get to go on dates and dinners. You can spend some quality time with your partner and share many things about your life. A great date or a trip with your partner can be the best way to unwind and relax from work. The partner makes you feel wanted, and secure in your life. Sometimes lack of attention can leave a huge impact on the lives of people. It makes them insecure. The partner makes the person feel loved and secure. They give the happiness that can change the way a person looks at life. Also, when there are other problems with a person’s life, then the partner can listen it out and perhaps even sort it out.

Being loved itself is a wonderful feeling and the importance of being loved cannot be expressed in words. It leaves a very big psychological impact on people and determines the way people look at life and things around them. Having a partner is wonderful indeed, and being in love is an even more wonderful feeling.

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