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Advantages of Being Single

August 15, 2012

The great irony of relationships is that sometimes the people who are single are desperate to enter into a relationship, and a lot of people who are in a relationship actually want to be single. Sure, being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, but so is being single. Today we shall discuss certain advantages of being single:

  • Freedom – Anybody who has been in a relationship would know what this means. No matter however tolerant and cool a partner is, there are certain freedoms that are taken away from us. When we are single, we are free to do whatever we want. We can talk to a number of girls without getting our partner jealous. It is sometimes very annoying if you have a jealous partner who doesn’t like it when you talk to other people of the opposite gender. You would have to perhaps detail out what you have been talking with them. When you are single, nobody asks you about it, and neither are there any restrictions. You can also afford to drink a little more at parties, without there being anyone to stop you. You can also have some crazy fun without anybody nagging you not to do something.
  • Money – In a relationship, we spend a huge chunk of money on our partners. In the process, we cut down on numerous expenses. We have to take our partner on dates, trips and buy them gifts. Sometimes, certain important expenses have to be sacrificed in order to facilitate such spending. One may perhaps take some money out of the saving he had made to go on a trip in order to buy a gift, or spend their pocket money in the partner, which results in the situation that you have little money to spend for yourself. When you are single, your money is your money. You can spend all the money you have on yourself. You don’t have to sacrifice the money you have saved up to buy a new pair of jeans for yourself in order to buy your partner a birthday gift. You can spend the entire pocket money on yourself as well. Also, another relief is the amount of money you spend on phone bills. When you are in a relationship, the phone bill tends to soar up, and that makes a huge dent in your pocket.
  • Time – Another huge problem with a relationship is the amount of time it consumes. It is sometimes unadvisable to enter into a relationship when you are in the process of building your career, because you cannot pay sufficient attention to it. In a relationship, you have to spend a huge part of your day talking to your partner, and that leaves little time to actually do things for yourself or spend time with your family. You are constantly texting your partner, and in the time, you are sacrificing some precious moments where you could spend good time with your family at a family function. More importantly, you usually end up thinking about each other, and that leads to a huge problem with concentration while studying or working.

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