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Relationship Mistakes You Need To Avoid

August 14, 2012

All relationships are built out of various amounts of things. Love, care, a little anger, fun and some other attributes are the ingredients that make a relationship a successful one. But all these things need to be in the right amount. Excess of something or even little of something can spoil a relationship.

Sometimes even the best and most successful of relationships crumble. There are plenty of examples to show the existence of crumbling of very beautiful and successful relationships.

So, what exactly goes wrong? And does the fact that even the happiest of relationships going wrong intimidate you up to the extent that you hesitate going into a relationship? Well, here are some points on what usually goes wrong in relationships and what you can do to avoid relationships going wrong.

Any relationship that goes wrong and crumbles usually has the same reason. The reason being that the relationship starts with a lie or may be doesn’t start with 100% truth. This basically implies to a false start. A relationship that doesn’t start with complete honesty and clarity is not a relationship that is likely to succeed. A relationship that starts with concealed facts usually manages to develop cracks very soon. In other words, the foundation of the relationship is extremely fragile and so the relationship collapses. Here, partners falling for each other make a huge mistake of over-looking each others’ flaws and visualizing them as they want the other to be, in the process creating a mirage for them-selves.

Another chief reason why relationships suffer is because of the stubbornness of one or both the partners to accept that their relationship is undergoing problems. Partners are often confused whether they are in love or whether it is only because of other causes that their relationship has lasted. It very often happens that partners get confused between “in love” and “falling in love”. It may sound pretty same but actually they are quite different.

The general sensation of “falling in love” is caused due to two important things. The first one is romance whereas the other one is passion. Romance is all about flattering, caressing, showering gifts and giving attention to one’s partner. Although, this is good but romance does wear off throughout the relationship and that’s when the relationship starts getting sour. Passion, similarly, is a beautiful deviation from one’s life. It usually involves the physical relationship between a couple rather than genuine mental and heart to heart connection. The lack of physicality between the couple can also lead to the collapse of a relationship as there is no proper contact between the couple on a spiritual level. The “falling in love” is usually towards the start of the relationship and usually inhibits to being in love.

The actual things that a relationship will require to be successful are honesty, loyalty, commitment, unconditional faith and love and most importantly, genuine enjoyment with each other. The bottom line is that no one should ever hide their original selves to be able to continue a relationship as it doesn’t work. One should be free and frank and if you are gladly accepted how you are, then that my friend is LOVE!

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