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Friend & Lover: Same Person?

August 12, 2012

Relationships are usually stated as a sort of romantic courtship between two individuals. Very often, the couples are composed of two people who were strangers, then met and then liked each other up to the extent to go into a relationship with them. But there are also cases where the couple is composed of two friends who have known each other for some time after which they started courting each other. This is not very common but it does happen.

There are many that feel that your lover cannot be your friend or vice-versa but they are not necessarily correct. Although, it is not very common to go into a relationship with a friend but neither is it totally unheard of. So, it is a thing that happens, maybe not in huge numbers but it surely has an existence and sometimes, these relationships do end up tasting success.

The basic reason that was given by over 80% of voters in a recent survey was that they would not find enough sexual intimacy with their lover-friends and that might be the big, staggering block for a relationship with them. While the minority few begged to differ by stating that a relationship that is built with a friend is more likely to be successful rather than a stranger.

It may sound absurd, but in this matter, the minority may just be right. It looks a lot better to be going into a relationship with a stranger from the naked eye but actually, if you are looking for a very serious relationship, choosing to invest in a friend may be a good option.

In general, you know everything about a friend. Their likes, their dislikes, their habits and all the weird stuff they do is done either with you or you get its information very quickly. You also tend to know their families before hand, you may also have had an opinion about love from them, you would also have sufficient knowledge on how serious they can be when they are in a relationship. Virtually, it’s like you have studied a person for a long time, found out exactly how he/she is, and it is only after that that you are heading into a relationship with them. It seems quite a sensible idea, if you are going into a serious relationship that will last you throughout your life.

Well, of-course, it does have certain disadvantages as well. Firstly, it will be awkward for a physical relationship to develop between you guys. Secondly, a general sense of awkwardness may prevail over your group. And most importantly, there will arise a definite division in your group if, for any reason, you guys break up.

In terms of general understanding, a relationship with a friend should be cherished as you can be friends and lovers at the same time. You can enjoy and have fun as well as be romantic at the same time. Although, the relationship may take up some time to develop it is certainly worth a try. As for break up, well with proper time, care and dedication, it should not be an issue.

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