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Dont Get Pushed Around

August 12, 2012

Being in relationships is truly a special feeling, and people make a number of sacrifices to stay in one. The sacrifices may be monetary, of time, or other things. These sacrifices also give a different type of joy and satisfaction. Being in a relationship is a very exciting thing indeed, and sometimes people are prepared to put up with everything just to be with the man or woman of their dreams.

Sure, making sacrifices is good and acceptable, but it is very important to know if the sacrifice is acknowledged or not. It is terrible to be pushed around and be taken for granted, and even more terrible if we are prepared to put up with such behaviour of our partner just to be with them. While one might argue that love is blind, and people shouldn’t look at how the other person is treating you in order to decide your feelings, all we have to say is that there is no need to change your feelings! We all enter into a relationship for our own happiness, and sometimes love makes us blind enough to put up with all sorts of tantrums and ill-behaviour on the part of the other. Nobody’s asking you to change your feelings for the other person, all we are asking is to have some self respect and not put up with them. In a relationship, both partners are equal, and one shouldn’t put up with anything and everything, no matter however desperate one was to enter into a relationship.

We can of course continue loving that person, but not showing it becomes essential to make the other person realize our true worth. Before that, one has to take an important decision regarding one problem – whether to stay in the relationship or not. If one person treats the other badly, then that speaks volumes of how much they care about the other. If you consider the other person special, you wouldn’t treat them badly. Hence, there isn’t much left in the relationship for the other person anyway. So it’s perhaps wise to break up. The alternative would be that the partner does believe in the relationship, and feels that such behaviour could be less attributed to lack of love, and be termed as a rather annoying trait or habit. In that case, one can try changing things around a bit.

One should first start commanding respect. The next time you’re pushed around, don’t budge. That will send across the clear message that you’ve had enough of the behaviour. They can also sit down and have a chat about it. The person should be definite and firm, and convey that they are offended by such behaviour and would no longer put up with it. The third thing would be temporary separation. Just like we understand a thing’s true worth after they go away from our lives, we should go away for a certain while and let them realize our worth, and the love and care we had for them. The realization is life changing, and it would certainly bring about a change in the behaviour of the other person. If the person had never thought of you as an important part of their lives, then they would never realize. And it’s better to get away from such a relationship.

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