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What goes Wrong in Failed Marriages?

August 11, 2012

A relationship usually starts when some sort of attraction exists between two individuals. The attraction then grows and turns into love. The love then matures and grows into an inseparable bond. But sometimes, the love grows and then becomes old and fragile. It dies out and feelings like passion, affection, and harmony that used to exist at a point of time get run over. These get substituted by sentiments like disagreements, emotional withdrawal and physical distancing. This is basically the point in a relationship when things simply start falling apart for no reason whatsoever. It becomes so frustrating after a point of time that you stop trying anymore. It is the point when any one or both the partners accept that the feeling of “love” has evaporated from within their heart.

A relationship takes time to grow and mature. They start getting to know each other better and start adapting and compromising things for each other. This, though, is a process that never stops. It goes on throughout the existence of the relationship. Usually the highly intoxicating phase of a relationship does not last forever. It ends and that’s the time when the partners get to know each other and try accepting each other for who they really are. This is precisely the time when cracks in the relationship start forming and appearing.

Conflicts start arising at a certain point in the relationship but this is where the success of your love, relationship and marriage is tested. It is the point which differentiates between a successful and happy couple and an unsuccessful relationship. A couple that stands by each other in the times of conflicts, are more likely to be together forever rather than the ones who do not.

There are very few couples who want their marriage not to work. Most of them would want their marriages to work and be successful. Even with the ones who are facing a tremulous situation, getting back together is a chief mission be it sub-consciously though. For some getting back together is simply a matter of rekindling lost love. For others it is about learning more about each other and accepting them. And there are some who even look to be better conflict resolvers when they try to make their relationship and marriage work.

Falling out of commitment is regarded as the failure of one’s values. A failure of a relationship occurs when the couple distance away from each other, starts caring less about each other and more importantly, take each other for granted.

Showing a little love and compassion will not prove harmful if you are attempting rejuvenating your failed relationship. Referring to professional help is also considered legitimate. Staring over the commitment fresh can also do wonders. A marriage is always save-able and has the potential to last forever, provided it’s bearers have a little conflict solving skills, little insight on romance and can make their marriages cheat proof.

Trying to save a marriage which is already past its prime has its risks but its never too late to start anything. And who knows? It can all come together and maybe all that is needed is that extra bit of commitment to your marriage.

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