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The Secret Of Rebound Relationships

August 11, 2012

There is a thing called “relationship”. In general it is defined as the romantic courtship between two individuals. But then again, there is a thing called “rebound relationship”. This term may be uncommon to some people. It is a little complicated. It generally refers to a relationship post a break up. It is when two partners end breaking up and one of them getting into another relationship quite soon. In other words, it is when one of the broken up partners gets caught by a person after he / she has been thrown out of their previous partners’ lives.

There is often a generalized thought that such relationships do not work simply because, here one of the parties involved is vulnerable because he / she has been left heart-broken and is easily misguided into the fact that someone wants them. Although this is true in most of the cases, love at first sight also happens because one is in the illusion that someone really wants them even if they haven’t undergone a break up.

A break up can occur for many reasons. There may be fights for some insignificant reasons and that may result in a heart break. Also, a person that is in a relationship with someone who isn’t serious is very likely to face heart break in the end. A person who usually falls into a rebound relationship is a person who values a relationship a lot but does not know how much. He / she goes into the rebound only because they are not good at being single and are comfortable in a relationship.

The most important advice for someone who is looking to catch someone on the rebound is to know the latter’s break-up cause well. This is because there are always things that are related to the past and even the smallest of things can bring up matters from the past. It is difficult to be avoided but knowledge of someone’s past can help. Also, if you are catching a rebound, you always stand the risk of being a constant comparison with a person’s ex. This is a big problem in a rebound but this is a price that you must be willing to pay. Give them sufficient time to accept you completely or rather discard their ex completely.

But you also need to make sure that you are not their previous lover. Iterating this will help your rebound in becoming yours only rather than living in a dreamland where they have not broken up with their ex and think of you as their ex in a different form. They start looking for every little trait that their ex carried in you and this will never make your rebound yours, completely. The sooner you iterate this to your rebound, the better it is, even if it is difficult to do. If your rebound doesn’t take in these things, then he/she isn’t ready for a new relationship but if they do take in these things in some time, they are ready.

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