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When You Should Know Its True Love

August 8, 2012

We fall into love a number of times perhaps. But they don’t all last, do they? In our lives, most of us date a number of people, but there is just that one person who is perfect for you. That person and you complete each other. When you meet that person, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life magically join and form a perfect picture. For a number of us, we find that person fairly early. For yet another group, we may have to date a number of people before we find that perfect person. But the wait is well worth it. What is important is to never lose hope.

So when does one know that it’s true love? When does one decide that this is the person I’ll spend my life with? There are a number of times when one doesn’t know their importance in one’s life while they are there, and that realization dawns upon us when they leave us and go away. One should be careful, never to let that perfect person go. It’ll save a number of persons from unnecessary heartbreak and grief. Hence, it’ll help if one knows beforehand, so that they can consider their future with each other.

Firstly, she should be your best friend. If you don’t see her as your friend, then start doing so. Love is friendship first, and then everything else. If she’s not your best friend, then you both aren’t in love. Initially it may not seem so, but in the end you will understand. Initially, there is a huge gush of feelings – excitement mostly, that carries the relationship through the initial few phases. Then the feeling dies down, and that is when the bond is really tested. Even though you aren’t in touch with your best friend all the time, friendship still lasts, doesn’t it? Similarly, the love will last, even if distance or time separates you. Another thing is that you are truly yourself with your friends – no pretence. That is absolutely essential in any relationship. One day or the other your partner will know the real you, and then they’ll realize they’ve been dating somebody else all the time. Trust me, it won’t be pleasant.

Secondly, you’ll like to keep a check on the bond you share. There are friends with whom you share a far superior bond than with other friends. This is because your attributes complement each other. Sometimes people being similar to each other click, because they understand each other better, but it’s usually the other case. People with different characteristics are usually fascinated by each other and find them interesting. But that is just a tenth of the story. People whose attributes complement each other go a long way in being very compatible. For example, if somebody is slightly short tempered and immature, it’ll help greatly if you have a mature partner who has a control over her temper. Imagine if you got angry on her or somebody for some reason, and the other got angry on you as well. It’ll lead to ego clashes and misunderstandings. It’ll help much if the other partner calms you down and tells you that there is a solution to the problem. Understanding of each other and maturity improves compatibility, but there are some things you just have or you don’t have.

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