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Solving Fights

August 8, 2012

A relationship is usually a little less fun if it does not have fights and issues. Small fights are part of a relationship and can often turn the relationship into a better one. Fights sometimes become necessary just to bring up some freshness and lost love between two lovers. Fights are something that adds a little spice and flavoring to a relationship. But the fights are good only as long as they are easily solvable with no one getting hurt.

That, though, won’t always be the case. Sometimes issues come up that leads to a heated argument between you and your girl. It definitely isn’t pleasant and can often turn out to be very tiring and frustrating. These fights also possess the potential of ending a relationship even if neither of you want it to end but inevitably, everything falls apart.

So, what do you do when a situation like this comes across? Do you let her go? The answer is a simple NO. You can always try to solve a bitter fight and there is no fight in this world that is unsolvable. Here are a few ways how you can solve your fights and get your life with your partner back on track.

-Analyze the fight cause: This is a method that must be carried out with utmost honesty. This is the point where you look over and check out on the chief reasons for which you actually fought. Once correctly analyzed, you will be able to understand each other better and probably try to change yourself to be able to avoid fighting over the same reasons again.

-Sacrifice reasoning or else break up: Sometimes sacrificing a valid and logical point to end the fight is a perfectly reasonably option. Rather than clinging on and holding a stance, letting go of your ego and accepting that your girlfriend is right, even if she isn’t is a necessary thing to do to keep your relationship alive.

-Start talking with her after the cold war: Initiating a conversation will also help your cause. Although, doing it too soon may be damaging as the emotions would still be fresh because the anger might not have cooled off and it may make things worse. Wait for the right moment and start talking. It will help ease things out and it also makes the discussions easier.

-Say that you are sorry: Apologizing is the most effective way. It doesn’t mean that you have to take the full blame of the fight, but accepting that you definitely played a part in the fight. This will provoke an apology from your girlfriend as well and will help sort out things.

-Don’t force her to forgive you: If she doesn’t forgive you, don’t force her to forgive you. Rather give her time to cool down and relax.

-Give her a hug: This can do wonders even in the most serious of fights. A hug helps calm everything down and relaxes the mind. It plays a huge role in ending a fight.

-Avoid the fight topic in the future: Discussing about your fight in the future only ends up reminding you of the fight and dampening any good mood. So, its better to a fight once its over.

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