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How to Make a Relationship Last

August 7, 2012

Being in a relationship introduces you to a world of happiness and self satisfaction. Not that single people are unhappy or unsatisfied, but being in a relationship does add that little bit of happiness and excitement to your life, over and above what you already have. You’ll love to have somebody to talk to and somebody who cares for you, so it’s not a bad thing after all, but for the heartache that sometimes happens after that.

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing indeed, but there are certain things you need to do to keep it happening and yourself happy. You cannot just lay back and do nothing and expect your partner to stick around. We all enter into a relationship for our own happiness, and if there is nothing left in it for us we’d quit. For our happiness we would expect the other to support us, surprise us, take care of us, etc. Similarly, the other person also has some expectations and we should respect them.

To make a relationship last, both partners have to play an active part. One cannot simply take things for granted. A partner who is doing much to keep the other happy will certainly expect something in return. If that partner sees that the other person isn’t too bothered, they will eventually run out of enthusiasm and stop. This will sow the seeds of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. To keep the partner happy and interested, we have to do something for them in return. It’ll also be morally wrong on our part to expect our partner to support us when we are in need and not support the partner when they need us.

The second thing is to improve understanding among each other. Two persons may not always be perfectly compatible, so it’s essential that an understanding must be reached on the points of incompatibility. There will be fights and misunderstandings, that is for sure, because it happens in all relationships. But the relationships that last get over such fights and emerge stronger and better. When a fight occurs, it occurs due to some misunderstanding or fault. One must always remember that after a fight one must try to find out the basic underlying issue behind the fight, the point where an understanding is not reached. Then both partners must talk it out, and reach an understanding over the issue. When an understanding is reached, it ensures that fights of a similar nature do not occur in future. This improves compatibility, and in the process makes you more mature and understanding. This will help the present as well as future relationships in very good ways.

The third piece of advice is to keep surprising each other. By surprise we mean, pleasant surprises, and not shocks. It’ll do a whole lot of good for your relationship if one fine day you just send her a card telling her how much she means to you. Or a small gift in the form of a small holiday or some chocolates and flowers would help. They tell her that you still value her as much as how much you valued her initially, and this will keep up the interest of both the parties.

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