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A Girl Likes You??

August 7, 2012

Imagine that you have a girl associated in your life, not your girlfriend though. It doesn’t matter whether you like her or not but sometimes you have the urge to know whether she likes you or not. This is often quite difficult to know because you are trying to understand a girl after all!

Here are some useful tips which can help you in deciphering whether she does like you or not. But you have to work a little hard so that you can notice things.

-She tells it to you: Well, its not as simple as it sounds. Of course, you are not going to hear it straight from her mouth but you definitely can pick out certain hints from her when she talks to you. A general sense of flirtatious nature shall always prevail and she will try sounding nice to you.

-Her eyes give her away: Often, it’s the eyes that give away the feelings of the heart. And it is even more applicable for girls. You can notice that extra bit of care and emotion in her eyes when she talks to you and when she is with you. Her face automatically puts on a smile when she sees you and often a grin when you talk to other girls.

-She calls you and talks without any reason: She calls you up every now and then for absolutely no reason and talks with you for a long time, texts you with sweet words and smileys at the middle of the day. It clearly means that she misses you and wants to be with you.

-She cooks for you: As the saying goes, ”the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and girls take it seriously. If she ever cooks for you and especially your favorite dishes, it clearly means that she is trying to make it to your heart.

-She laughs even at your terrible jokes: A clear indication that she is making an effort to make you happy by letting you know that your joke made her laugh and she appreciates it.

-She shares her day with you: A girl who shares everything with you has clearly fallen for you. It means that she trusts you a lot and doesn’t care about sharing everything with you. Even if there are petty things to be shared, she makes sure that she does share them with you. She also never forgets to take your day’s account.

-She tries looking good only for you: If she makes a conscious attempt at looking good for you, no matter how bizarre everybody else says she looks, then she does have that soft corner for you in her heart.

-Her friends chit chat about you both and she doesn’t mind: If this is happening then she very clearly wants her friends to go on. She would like it even more if these chit chats reach you and you won’t mind either.

-She tries finding time for you: If a girl is trying her bet to give you some time despite her having a tedious schedule, it means that she loves spending time with you and has probably fallen head over heels for you.

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