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Handling Breakups

August 6, 2012

Ending a relationship is never a pleasant thing. No matter how much you despised being in the relationship, you will always tend to miss it once its over. A feeling of self-pity takes you over. You tend to feel all alone and often you want to feel that way. You try to become a solitary person and separate yourself from the rest of the world. The feelings and emotions that come with a break up are very difficult to handle and they sometimes prove to be enough to let you down for the rest of your life. But this is the letdown that you’ve got to fight against. Although, it is never easy handling a break up or coming back from it, here are a few pointers that might help.

-Work and if you don’t have any, bring forth a new hobby: An idle mind is regarded as the devil’s workshop. It takes no time for your brain to cook up some insensible stuff. And while undergoing the after effects of a break up, these stuff can prove to be fatal as well. So, working at something or indulging in a new hobby will help in keeping your brain disturbed. This will help you think less about the break up and concentrate on the work in hand.

-Spend time with family & friends: Spending time with family members and old friends can help clearing your mind out. No matter what happens, your family and friends will always be there for you. You can share things with them and they can comfort you.

-Stop dating, at least for a while: Any person that you date in the vicinity of the duration of your break up will not help you. Rather, it will constantly keep reminding you of your ex. The major flaw here is that, even if someone comes along, during this time, that may just be perfect for you has a very high chance of getting ignored by your brain, thereby failing to identify and end up losing a viable partner. So, give time to yourself to adapt to life after break up first and start thinking about building a new relationship after that.

-Delete memories of your ex: This may be the most difficult part in overcoming a break up but it still is the most efficient one. This involves deleting all of your contacts with your ex, getting rid of any gift that your ex had gifted you, photos of you together and most importantly their numbers from your phone. This also involves you stopping having any common friends as they will also remind you of your ex. It sure will take some time, but it does prove to be very effective.

-Drinking and smoking can heal your wounds: This, though is not a good habit, can work wonders in bringing you out from the grief of a break up. They tend to lighten up your mind and limit your thinking. In this way, you may sometimes be rendered unable to think about your ex. It is relatively effective. This is not advised at all, but if you’re into it then this can ease a bit of pressure.

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