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First Date Tips for Guys

August 4, 2012

Sure, it’s a wonderful feeling to be in love – to have someone who you can talk to all day, somebody you can depend upon, and somebody who makes you feel loved and wanted and gives you all the happiness you desire and deserve. A first date is of utmost significance here, no matter whether you’ve met her online and fixed a date or you’ve been friends for years but never been on a date. In a first date, you’d want to make a very good impression on the other, and clear any doubts in their mind that you are, of course, the right person for them. We’ll share some important dating tips with you tonight.

  • Place: You should try to select a place where you are likely to spend some quality time with her.  It shouldn’t be some place too crowded. We wouldn’t even recommend a movie theatre, to avoid the confusion whether to focus on the movie or the partner. It could be at a nice, quiet restaurant, or a park. You could have a really nice time in your house, and then go out for a drive.
  • Body Language: You should display good basic etiquettes in front of a lady. You should treat people well, and open the door for a lady. This piece of advice is not just for the first date though. You should always treat people well and show courtesy towards ladies, because that’s what good and gentle men do. You should be confident in front of a lady, and not very nervous. Being nervous will lead you to making mistakes, and you want to appear as smart and confident as you can.
  • Be what you are: You should always be yourself, be it in expressing your opinions or treating people. And that is why it is always advised to develop good manners. You should be original, and not try to copy what your favourite movie star did in some movie. While that may create a good first impression no doubt, it’s a massive turn off when your partner eventually discovers over the course of time that you pretend to be something you aren’t.
  • Dress well: This goes without saying. You should look your smartest (even if you’re usually in your torn jeans). This shows the other person that you have some value in your mind for the person and the meeting, and this is not just a daily affair for you. Apart from this, it will also create the obvious visual impression.
  • Listen: Girls usually love men who patiently listen to all that they have say, and not engage in their own boyish talks which girls take little or no interest in. You should always listen to her, and that makes her feel very good about herself. Listen doesn’t mean absent-mindedly looking at her while she talks; it’s the actual process of listening, so that you know when to laugh at a joke or to ask a question she wants you to ask.

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