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Entering into a Relationship too Quickly

August 4, 2012

A relationship is defined as the connectedness of two people. It is something that needs the ultimate dedication and commitment to work. A relationship demands a lot of hardships and sacrifices and in a relationship, both the partners need to share these hardships equally. Both the people in the relationship have to be caring and loving enough so as to enable the relationship to prosper. One of the most important or rather the most important part in a relationship is choosing the right partner.

But choosing the right partner isn’t very simple. Well, this can be a very tedious and difficult job. While the job of finding the right partner may seem not to be very difficult, it actually is. This is because it is very easy to be making a mistake in your choice without knowing that it was the wrong one until very late. It very often happens that we may like a person whom we have seldom met or someone of whom we know very less might feel very appealing. This is natural. But we have also known to have made the mistake of jumping into a relationship with them. This later turns out to be a huge mistake although not always, but in most cases. Heartbreaks follow, trusts and beliefs are broken and things become ugly. People who suffer from heartbreaks of this sort are a little confused from before. They are unable to differentiate between love and likeliness, between emotional attachment and infatuation. These people are often insecure and are of the thought process that they will be deprived of love forever. That is chiefly the reason that they jump into a relationship at the slightest of sniffs and close all other doors to anyone that is interested in them. Instead of this, what we can try is building a strong foundation with the person who has caught our eyes and hearts in the first few encounters. We should try to bond with them as much as we can and should allow each other enough time so that a general feeling of trust and mutual respect are generated. Starting off with being friends is the best and safest way, while ensuring that you keep your options open to anyone else that can possibly stand a chance with you.

Letting go of the physical cravenness and allowing yourself to get to know the character of the person will serve you better. You should try and spend more fun time with them like movies, parties and hang-outs rather than going on dates with each other. It gives you a certain indication about how happy you can be with that person. You may also discover certain things about them that would make you stop liking them and it is better to discover them before you head out into a relationship.
So, ultimately the best thing to do is to learn to maintain a sense of control over yourself and let everything progress slowly and naturally. It will truly make you realize about the extent to which you enjoy yourself in the person’s company.

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