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How to improve a long distance relationship

August 1, 2012

Long distance relationships usually occur when one or both the partners have to go away to different locations for higher studies, jobs, etc. In this case, the partners physically meet each other and spend time each other before and during the phase when they entered into a relationship, either at office, or school or wherever. Another case of long distance relationship is when two persons meet in the online on social networking sites and decide to enter into a relationship. In this article, we shall be talking on how to improve the first type of relationship, although you can take some hints about the second type as well.

A long distance relationship is very different, in the sense that the partners don’t meet each other for long periods of time. Meeting each other is an important part of a relationship, due to the excitement it creates and the physical attraction that builds up on seeing each other. When you both are present at the same place, you have a variety of options. You can take her on a nice drive, to the cinema, go for dinners, take her shopping and make love. These things play a huge part in making a relationship exciting, give you happiness and make you feel wanted. Nothing works as well as a hug when there is a fight, and nothing gives a woman as much pleasure as when her man takes her shopping!

These things are certainly not possible in a long distance relationship since there is no physical meeting between the people for long periods of time. This could lead to a lot of frustration. An old adage comes into play here, “Out of sight, out of mind”. When you are away at another place, you tend to forget about the loved ones and are more involved in the new world that you are in. You slowly start having less and less time for your loved one. Your partner may be on top of your priorities, but you might just find yourself short of time to even call her and talk to her properly.

If you truly love your partner and have future plans with them, then you should treat this as a test, which you have to pass. In life there are a lot of difficulties you face, and the man who emerges from them victorious has great joy. Similarly, a phase of long distance is a difficult time which you must overcome. You should always make out time to talk to your loved one, even if it means leaving work half an hour early or sleeping an hour late. You should text them while you are at work or in the classroom or any other place. A simple ‘I miss you’ text does more than you think it does. It reassures your loved one, who might be facing insecurity because of your absence. Everybody has a little bit of jealously in them and sometimes they would think that your new world has become more important than them. You should always reassure them that they mean the world to you and remind you of future plans (marriage, for example). You should remind them of all the nice times you spent together and all the nice times you would spend in the future. Video chatting certainly helps, because you get to see each other. You could buy gifts and courier them, giving them a surprise, so that they can feel loved and wanted. Long distance relationships are difficult, but with the right attitude, you can make it flourish and be very happy in it.

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