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How To Break Up In The Right Manner

July 31, 2012

Most of us get into relationships in some part of our life. Getting into a relationship is a very exciting and pleasant thing and we get a lot of happiness from relationships. One thing is for certain. We get into relationships because it makes us feel better, and not to please others. Similarly, one should stay in a relationship as long as it makes one feel happy, and not hang in there for the sake of it or to make somebody else happy. If a relationship gives us a lot of grief, it is better to break up and move on. One can date other people and perhaps find happiness in those relationships. The break up process is a very crucial part of relationships. Other than the obvious result of ending the relationship, it has a lot of other effects which are not exactly visible, but they happen nevertheless. A person who comes out of a relationship mostly learns something from it. There will always be a difference, no matter how slight or how large, in the person after a relationship from the person he was before it.

The breakup may be due to a huge number of issues. There may be compatibility issues, trust issues or other factors such as long-distance or loss of interest. But no matter what, the relationship would have some effect on you. What a person becomes after a relationship is hugely dependant on the manner of breaking up. If a breakup is bitter and involves, then the person would remain bitter and would not want to enter a relationship after that, due to the fear of having his/her heart broken again. On the other hand, if the breakup is a very sincere and good compromise, then the partners come out of the relationship feeling less bad. There might be initial grief, but they would get over it and look forward to other relationships.

Therefore, it is essential that one should break up in the right way, not just for us but for the partner as well. The couple might be nearing separation, but there would be a part of them that would remain in the other forever. If I break up with a girl I have been dating for 6 months, I should care enough about her to break up in the right way with her so that she doesn’t give up hope on relationships and maintains a positive attitude towards them. The best way to break up is to talk it out. One should spell out the problems and issues they are facing and the reasons they are breaking up. It may cause certain emotional disturbances initially, but the honesty of the person is something the partner won’t forget. The breakup should be done sincerely and not rashly, leading the other to believe that they were not given an explanation or a chance. In a breakup, usually, the fault lies at both ends. So blaming your partner won’t help. It’ll make them feel bitter and insecure. It is very important to be honest and realistic. One should look at the mistakes they have committed before blaming the other. Hence, both should have a chat about it. The person initiating the breakup must make the other understand that there is nothing wrong with that person; it is just the problem of compatibility. Even if the other has committed a mistake, one should forgive them. One should make the person feel special and wanted, and make them have a positive attitude towards life and relationships even after break ups. A genuine and sincere person would break up in this way, and not in rash ways. If the breakup is sincere, the person would always hold a special value in the heart of the other.

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